Destinations in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is mostly enveloped with cascading hills and green mountains that almost touch the skies. It is, in fact, considered the richest botanical habitat of Asia, and hence, effortlessly becomes the most alluring destinations to visit, be it for a short vacation, honeymoon getaways, family getaways, excursions, treks, hikes, adventure trips and more. It not only helps one to have a closer look at nature, but also cleanses your aura and refills your soul with positive energy and vibes.

Meghalaya is indeed blessed with some of the best tourist destinations in India to enjoy.

a) Khasi Hills

As the name suggests, Khasi hills is a hilly area that forms an integral part of Meghalaya and is known for its unique bio-diversity. Cherrapunji lies in this part of the state and is also considered as one of the wettest places in the world. Initially, the region of Khasi Hills was part of Assam before the 1970s. Nevertheless, this enticing place is home to the indigenous communities who have thrived here for centuries. As on 28th October 1976, Khasi Hills was further divided into West Khasi Hills and East Khasi Hills.

b) Jaintia Hills

Jaintia Hills is more of an administrative district in the state of Meghalaya which has its headquarters in Jowai. It comprises government offices and establishments, educational institutions, hospitals, etc. However, one cannot miss all the tourist spots in Jaintia hills. One can witness the tallest monolith in the world here. Besides this, there is a 500-year-old temple dedicated to Goddess Durga that one can visit. The sacred lakes and caves also make this a distinctive tourist spot for adventure activities.

c) Garo Hills

Garo Hills is a hilly area packed with an abundance of wildlife. It serves as a perfect location for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts wishing to capture the beauty of nature in its purest form and experience all the natural wonders of this place with their own eyes. It is filled with an eccentric range of flora and fauna that one can take a whiff of and truly feel. One can also interact with the indigenous Tibeto-Burman ethnic group of tribes from the neighboring place of the State of Meghalaya.