Pelga Falls

Meghalaya's Hidden Treasure

Without the presence of a serene waterfall, any location or district would be incomplete. Especially one that is a natural creation rather than a man-made one. It is a treat for tourists traveling through Meghalaya's East Garo Hill to be able to visit the famous Pelga Falls. Nature's gift of such an amazing wonder to the world is a blessing in disguise.

Location of Pelga Falls

Pelga Fall is a well-known tourist attraction. It is in the town of Tura, which is in Meghalaya's East Garo Hills district. The breathtaking waterfall is about 7 kilometers away from Tura. Fortunately, it is well-connected by a local highway that links it to the rest of the state. As a result, getting there is quite simple and convenient. It is also not time-consuming, as the journey from Tura to Pelga Falls takes approximately thirty to forty minutes only.

Insights into Pelga Falls

As previously stated, Pelga Falls is an extremely popular tourist destination that visitors thoroughly enjoy. However, it should be noted that the Tourism Departments are in charge of maintaining this magnificent fall. They are working hard to make the tourist experience the best it can be while also preserving the natural beauty.

It is significant that tourists can enjoy these beautiful falls in their natural state and appreciate nature in its purest form. At the same time, visitors' safety and accessibility must not be jeopardized.

To ease and enhance the experience of the tourist, the Tourism Department has constructed a footpath that leads to the falls. It makes the accessibility to reach the fall much easier and safer.
There is a beautiful view point to enjoy the place's scenic beauty once you reach the stunning falls. It's a beautiful scene that you will want to remember for the rest of your life. The traditional bridge over the Ganol River is another source of attraction to this location. It is entirely made of bamboo.

After the waterfall itself, this traditional bridge is the area's highlight or show-stealer. The bamboo bridge preserves the Meghalaya state's authenticity. It can be found in abundance in Meghalaya. It is used to make a variety of handicraft items, which is the state's specialty. Therefore, this makes this place a must-visit on the checklist of tourists.

Pelga Falls, which cascades down from the hills, is only three kilometers away that merges with the Ganol river at Dalmagre. The beauty of the landscape is breathtaking.

Dalmagre is your average small village. To no one's surprise, this village lacks roads and other basic amenities, which is everyone's right. Indeed, the 150 or so residents have no idea what life is like outside of their village. They live in a closed community, oblivious to the rest of the world.

If proper efforts are made, it is believed that this location could provide a run of money for people all over the world.

It is nothing short of a paradise. It is often said that this area transitioned from the "land of the dark hills," a label endowed on the Garo Hills, to the "land of lights."
Wouldn't that be a day to look forward to?

Reaching Pelga Falls

Pelga Falls is, needless to say, located in Meghalaya's forest region. Because it is well-connected by a local highway that connects it to the rest of the state, it is easily accessible by bus or local jeep/taxi.

However, it is essential to note that the nearest railway station and airport to reach the desire location is in Guwahati.

Best Time to visit Pelga Falls

The Pelga Fall in Meghalaya, which is open all year. In addition to tourists, Botanists visit Pelga Falls to collect samples of the herbs and plants that grow nearby. Unlike most places, it is usually relatively free of crowds. As a result, it is ideal for those who prefer to avoid crowded tourist hotspots.

When the flow is at its peak, the monsoon season is the best time to visit the falls. However, one must exercise extreme caution because Meghalaya is known as the world's wettest region.

Highlights of Pelga Falls

Pega Falls has a distinct aura. This lovely fall can be found in a quaint corner of the enthralling forests at the foot of the Garo-Khasi Hill Ranges. This waterfall oozes serenity. It's very relaxing.

A paradise of escape for those looking to get away from the hectic pace of everyday life. People come to this unspoiled tourist attraction to spend a day's itinerary. The best part about this location is the rawness that you can see.

Pelga Falls is well-known for its visual appeal. Its enchanting surroundings have the ability to take anyone's breath away in a matter of seconds. It is also rare to come across an ethereal ambiance that is relaxing, peaceful, and gives you a calm sensation in your body.

It's a great place to have a picnic with family and friends who come to visit. They can spend some quality time close to mother nature and appreciate her beauty with complete honesty. Nature has bestowed upon the world a priceless jewel in the form of the Pelga Fall. It is not something to brag about but rather something to cherish with family and friends. This location as a picnic spot will also teach the kids to appreciate the simplicity of moments without technology.

Why visit Pelga Falls?

It is not a massive waterfall-like those tourists encounter, but one must remember that great treasures come in small packages. Even though the fall is relatively small, it cascades down gracefully into various small tiers that add to the beauty of this location.

Pelga Falls is also a great place for campers and hikers. Because of its mystical surroundings, it serves as an excellent camping location where visitors can savour the best moments of their lives. Trekkers also enjoy the opportunity to camp in this location and enjoy the peace and quiet that it provides.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this location is that it has long been a favorite hangout for musicians. Many Meghalaya flutists have composed tunes to complement the melody of Pelga Falls. It's mind-boggling that this serene beauty inspires so many people. A watershed moment in the true sense.

Another intriguing aspect of this location is the native. Locals can be seen fishing at the base of the falls and in the surrounding area. It's a pretty remarkable sight to see.

It's no surprise that Pelga Fall is an incredible place to visit, with the most majestic views you will ever see. It is unquestionably a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Garo Hill.