About Us

eMeghalaya is a collaborative effort of two wanna-be entrepreneurs who dream big and work hard towards bringing only the best of both, the known and unknown, tourist destinations in and around Meghalaya. The idea behind establishing eMeghalaya came up when we were brainstorming the possible ways to bridge the gap between potential tourists/ travellers/ nature lovers/ adventure enthusiasts/ newlyweds - the list goes on - and Meghalaya.

We are on a quest to promote the culture, heritage, and tourism in Meghalaya. It is also an effort to stimulate rural entrepreneurship in Meghalaya and encourage the natives of Meghalaya to return home.

The eMeghalaya brand was conceptualised in 2016 with the goal of increasing worldwide awareness about Meghalaya. eMeghalaya is proud to have achieved this goal today, which was first just a notion.

We are thrilled to collaborate with any native from Meghalaya who wishes to be part of our bigger dream and goal. We are both passionate and are certain to be the mindset changers for people who otherwise living in this misbelief that the North-eastern States of India are dangerous to travel to. We want to bust the myths, eliminate discrimination and all that is incorrect about Meghalaya and the other 6 states of NE India - Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland. We are the mindset changers in Meghalaya.

That said - Don't take the both of us too seriously, but do take what we are offering via eMeghalaya.com very very seriously!

eMeghalaya Mission

We are TWO people who genuinely enjoy working together. We are a passionate brother-sister duo with ample confidence that we will do our best to bring out the best of Meghalaya for you.

One of the most essential aspects of community development is to bring people from all walks of life closer together. eMeghalaya aims to instrumentally link residents of various parts of Meghalaya, India, and abroad through eMeghalaya.com.

We aim to "Protect Meghalaya's heritage, culture, and customs."

We are here to build a community that understands the value of Meghalaya's past and present, which will be instrumental in protecting its future. We are excited about protecting the culture, customs, and heritage of Meghalaya so that they can continue being passed down for generations to come.

eMeghalaya Service Principles

eMeghalaya is a social enterprise that is committed to supporting local business owners, community organizations, and members by providing them with our best service. We will not be satisfied until you are happy!

eMeghalaya's commitment to the environment goes beyond recycling. We strive for zero waste in everything we do. Our team strives to reduce the environmental footprint of our business by being as efficient as possible with our use of electricity, paper, water, etc. We are committed to recycling and composting throughout the office.

We encourage positive change around the world through community outreach. eMeghalaya operates on a "pay it forward" model - giving back more than we take from society is important for us. We will provide opportunities for both employees and members of our community to give their time, money, or skill set to worthy causes.

We are an equal opportunity employer. eMeghalaya values the diversity of its team members and supporters on many levels including race, ethnicity, culture, beliefs, age, sexual orientation/identity, and physical & mental abilities.

We are a debt-free company that values frugality and ethical business practices. eMeghalaya is committed to being financially responsible so we can focus on fulfilling our mission of bringing people closer together in Meghalaya and around the world. We will use funds in a sustainable, efficient way without taking on debt.

eMeghalaya Independence

We are a highly transparent company that is committed to being honest and open about our business practices, revenues, expenditures, and goals. We will maintain transparency in everything from boardroom meetings to staff retreats - all details of how we work as an organization will be shared with the public. eMeghalaya is committed to doing our best work and serving the needs of our customers and community members.

eMeghalaya Values

We value continuous learning, curiosity, critical thinking, flexibility, fairness, integrity, leadership development, self-awareness, self-expression, and service. We believe that small teams accomplish more than large teams, that kindness is contagious, and that sharing knowledge will benefit the whole of society.

We value eco-friendly practices. We are committed to recycling paper, composting food scraps, using electronic equipment as much as possible, purchasing carbon offsets, and minimizing our environmental footprint in all ways possible.

We believe that a healthy community thrives when we all share our knowledge and skills. Education and the sharing of information fuels growth and development in people and society as a whole. We will provide opportunities for team members to learn, we will support learning among our communities, and we will challenge ourselves to understand the world around us better.

eMeghalaya Customers & Partnerships

Since eMeghalaya is an online platform, we recognize that our success relies on the good relationship we maintain with our customers and visitors. We are committed to maintaining open communication channels between eMeghalaya staff and our customers and partners, ensuring transparency in our business practices, and using best practices when working with others.

Meghalaya is a vibrant state blessed with an enriching culture, rich heritage and traditions. Our cultural heritage is at risk of disappearance in the years ahead since so many people have moved from Meghalaya. We attempt to preserve our culture and custom through eMeghalaya so that future generations may inherit it.

Long-term Goals

Knowing that Meghalaya is one of the most endearingly beautiful states of India blessed with nature's delight and centuries-old heritage, our long term goals include organising cultural tours and meditative sessions in Meghalaya for those who want to explore the heritage of Meghalaya and for those who wish to escape the crowded cities and find inner peace, calm, and bliss amid greenery and picturesque scenic landscape of Meghalaya.

One of our long-term objectives is the community development of Meghalaya through a Solution-oriented process. With several bits of intelligence to draw on, Meghalaya is endowed with people with a lot of knowledge who could definitely make a difference in common individuals' lives if they worked together.

With the commercial growth in Meghalaya, things are beginning to alter. We see Meghalaya as an evolving state where people can live and thrive.

Another long-term goal of eMeghalaya is to promote rural entrepreneurship and progress: We see many possibilities to promote rural business in Meghalaya via eMeghalaya, which will draw the indigenous people back to the state.

Our Marketing Objectives

Our objective is to market and promote Meghalaya tourism and the tourism industry around it, including public-private partnerships with the government departments. To contribute towards improving economic stability at the rural level, work with locals to promote village tourism and involve local participation in the business.

To collaborate with us, email at support@emeghalaya.com