Mizoram lies in the centre of North-East India. It is surrounded by Bangladesh on the western side, Myanmar on the eastern side and Assam lies in the southern part of Mizoram. The state has a landmass of approximately 91,700 sq. km which ranks it 20th among other states in India.

Although, urbanization has invaded the state, still, large parts of Mizoram are covered under forests and mountains making it one of the most picturesque regions in Asia. Mizoram boasts many attractive sceneries with astonishing biodiversity. To see them you need to venture out to various corners of this beautiful hill station.

Travelling around Mizoram is neither too hard nor too easy because there are not many options for public transport. However, everyone can easily travel around the state because of a well-maintained road network.

Explore Mizoram in India


Mizoram was a princely state under British rule which later became a part of the Union Of India in the year 1949. The Mizo National Front started an armed conflict against the government for the independence of Mizoram. This conflict still continues and is considered one of the world's longest ongoing militant rebellions.

Mizoram is well known for its natural beauty and high standards of living. The state ranked second in the Human Development Index released by the Planning Commission in 2004. Many nationalized banks also opened their branches here because of Mizoram's good reputation.


Mizoram's elevation is around 1096 meters above sea level. The landmass of Mizoram is composed of hills and plains. The state has a tropical climate with monsoons playing an important role in determining its weather conditions. There are two main seasons namely summer and winter which change according to the climatic conditions.

The average temperature during summertime ranges from 20 – 30 degrees Celsius while winter hours experience heavy rainfall followed by chilly winds blowing over the region.


The people of Mizoram are crazy about sports. You can see them playing football, cricket and other games regularly on the grounds situated near their houses. Football is a popular sport in this part of India. The pace at which interest among youngsters for this game is growing it won't be wrong to say that soon Mizoram will turn into a hub of world-class footballers.

The state has its own team representing the region in the Indian Women's Football League which is known as Mizoram Kohima Village FC. There are many sports fields for men and women located in various parts of the state where they practice various sports activities during their leisure time. You can also visit these places if you have a love for sports as you will get to see some of the best athletes from India playing here.


The cuisine in Mizoram comprises rice and meat dishes with unique names like Chepthuam, Lalzawmin etc. Rice is the staple food here and they add various meats along with vegetables to make it more delicious. Pork is still the most popular meat in Mizoram because of its unique taste and flavour which might also be due to the influence from their neighbours who live in Burma.

The state is also well known for its traditional food items like bamboo shoot, pork, beef and other meats prepared in different forms. Bamboo shoots are used here to prepare various dishes which are popular among the locals as well as tourists visiting this place.

Climate & Weather

The climate of Mizoram varies with elevation. The climate at the foothills is subtropical monsoon type while it changes to temperate in the middle hills and cold in its northern parts. Mizoram experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon season which begins from June up to September every year. Winter sets in October and lasts till February during which the temperature falls below 10 degrees Celsius, occasionally touching 5 degrees Celsius.