Festivals of Mizoram

Canaan, the Christmas feast by Mizo Christians is celebrated with prayer service and traditional food like raw pork meat (suukmawii), kaphlu (a kind of vegetable) etc. Pork is the main ingredient prepared during this festival that might have been an influence from their neighbours who live in Burma. This dish has become the most favoured cuisine among the people living here because of its unique taste and flavour. The significance of the Sukkhuam festival lies in its uniqueness when compared to other festivals celebrated all over India.

The main significance of the event is that it allows the Mizo people to interact with their family members they haven't seen for many months or years together. They meet their relatives, close friends and exchange pleasantries during this special occasion which lasts for at least three to four days.

Another significant aspect of this festival is that it allows the Mizos to practice their age-old tradition of cooking pork which they miss doing because of religious restrictions imposed during other times like Christmas, Eid al-Fitr etc.