Culture of Mizoram

The official language of this small hill station is Mizo and English which is majorly used as a medium of communication among citizens belonging to different ethnic backgrounds residing here. You will people speaking Hindi, Bengali, Assamese and other regional dialects in Mizoram.

Mizo people consider themselves as a separate ethnic group which is reflected by their unique lifestyle, language and culture. They have many famous folklores that are still being passed from one generation to another through storytelling sessions in the villages.

The demography of Mizoram is mostly occupied by indigenous communities like Lakher, Pawi, Lai etc. who follow Christianity or Hinduism as their prime religion respectively. The main festivals observed here are Christmas, Holi (Festival Of Colors) and Diwali (Festival Of Lights). Other than these common Indian festivals you can also celebrate Eid al-Fitr (Muslim Festival), Sarhul (Hindu festival), Bishu (Buddha Jayanti- Buddhist Festival) etc.

Mizos are a friendly community of Mizoram and love to welcome visitors with warm smiles on their faces. You can experience some of the best hospitality here unless you have any bad intention of harming them in any manner.

The Mizo people are very fond of pets. One can easily spot dogs, cats, cows and other domestic animals in almost every house located in the hills of Mizoram. But what is special about this place is that one can also see pigs roaming around their houses which makes it look like some kind of a pigsty.