Dawki River (Umngot)

Dawki River

Dawki River is one of the most majestic places on the planet, let alone in Meghalaya. It is one of the most famous and well-known tourist destinations in Meghalaya's history. There are no words to explain how beautiful this river is. It's limitless. It has rendered the visitors speechless.

The Dawki River is also known as the Umngot River. In truth, its official name is Umngot River, but it is more commonly known as Dawki River due to its proximity to Dawki Village.

Sailing Over a Glass Corridor

It is regarded as one of India's cleanest rivers. It is also regarded as one of Asia's cleanest rivers, which is significant. This has also played a significant role in drawing both domestic and international tourists to this area. The Dawki River is so clear that you can see the pebbles lying peacefully under the translucent spray. The sight is hypnotic. It's not every day that you can see the exquisite pebbles under the water through your own eyes, or that you can be amazed by the purity of clean water.

This river can be found near Dawki Village. It is a small village in Meghalaya, India, near the border with Bangladesh. This beautiful river flows into Bangladesh through Dawki. However, you should be aware that during the good days, the river is clear to the point where a boat floating on it gives the illusion of being on a crystal glass surface. The vision is spellbinding in and of itself. This is not the case during the monsoon, and it has no bearing on your experience with the Dawki River.

The sheer beauty and crystal-clear reflection of the river will soothe your soul and give you a new perspective on what life is all about. The beauty that nature has bestowed on this river will captivate you, and you will sense a shift within yourself. The Dawki River tells you to be disciplined and to keep your surroundings clean. The purity of this river distinguishes it from the many other rivers.

Adventure Sports at Dawki River

Boating in Dawki River

The boat ride is the most common activity for tourists on the Dawki River. This journey will gift you with some of the most stunning and breathtaking moments of your life and will take you to a small island. The island is covered with colorful pebbles, similar to those found in the riverbank of the Dawki River. The incredible pebbles amplify the elegance of the entire island. Boating in the Umngot river may cost you between INR 500 and INR 800 depending on the season. Up to 4 people can ride in the boat and you can get down at Dawki Island due to boulders and pebbles.

The pebbles there are stunning and provide a vivid but tranquil atmosphere. You wish to stay in the area for many hours. You'd like time to stand still so you can take in the mystical vision in front of you. This vision would appear to be a replica of a fairytale novel you've read or a fantasy movie you've seen. It is much more majestic and elegant when you get an up-close and personal experience of Dawki River.

The British-era bridge over the Dawki River

When cruising down the river, you will come across an old bridge built by the British in the 1930s. However, the bridge can only accommodate one car at a time. The Bridge's crossover leads to the official Indian boundary.

Another fascinating feature of the Dawki River is that the water's color changes from green to blue as it flows towards Bangladesh. It's a fascinating and heartwarming sight to see. The color transition is seamless and magical. A rare but magnificent sight to see and retain in your heart for the rest of your life.

This location is best visited between September and December. In the winter, the river is at its purest, and the temperature in the area is ideal. However, because of the holidays, this season is already considered being at its peak.

The monsoon season is also considered to be a decent time to visit this area, but you may encounter mud in the river because of heavy rainfall.

Tamabil Zero point

Aside from the magnificent river, this village serves as a crossroads for commerce between the two nations. Trade over the border has a tremendous impact on the economies of both India and Bangladesh. This also contributes to the maintenance of peace with the other side and reflects the harmony between two separate countries.

When you travel further, the road will lead you to Tamabil zero point which is the trade epicenter between India and Bangladesh. You would come across trucks waiting to enter the country, either side. Over the past few years, the Indo-Bangladesh trade relations have improved due to which a Friendship Gate was built at the Tamabil border recently. The boundary is a small fence made with a stone pillar with nothing to suggest that this is an international border. Minimal security does imply that this is a Friendship Gate in all respect. It offers a unique experience knowing that just a few steps could take you to foreign lands, out of your country. This is a must-visit when you visit Dawki.


A short drive to Shnongpdeng which is on the banks of the Umngot River will welcome you with adventure activities, campsites, and more, offering water sports from boat rides to kayaking, snorkeling, diving, river jumping, and more. You could also enjoy zip-lining, flying, rock climbing here. No motor-driven boats are allowed on the Dawki river. You can also choose accommodation in homestays here. This area is known for its annual water sports festival that takes place around February to April.

How to reach Dawki?

You can get to this destination using various modes of transportation.

By Air:- Shillong, the state capital of Meghalaya, has the closest airport to travel to in Dawki village. However, if you are flying from Delhi or Bangalore, or any other big town in India, then Guwahati airport is the ideal location.

Guwahati to Shillong is only a 2-hour journey. The distance between them is almost 100 km. You can either book a bus or hire a taxi and travel from Guwahati to Shillong. If one feels like experiencing some adventure, then renting a motorcycle is another good option.

By Train:- Meghalaya does not have a railway service. As a result, the easiest way to get to Dawki Village is to take the train to Guwahati. You can either rent a taxi or book a bus to Shillong from there. It is a more cost-effective process, but the time spent on the train would undoubtedly be longer than that spent on the plane.

From Shillong to Dawki Village

The best way to get to Dawki Village is by bus. You can either walk or take a cab from there to Shnongpdeng. A boat trip is another fantastic way to get to the village. Each way of traveling provides a unique experience that you will thoroughly enjoy.

The Dawki River is so lovely that it is also ideal for a romantic getaway. This location would get the couples closer together. This location is ideal not only for families but also for friends, family, and some other relatives. Beauty is the real essence of purity, of which there is no need for negativity or insecurity. It is an endless limit of time for visitors to enjoy and appreciate this moment of life.

If you do not visit the Dawki River, your journey to Meghalaya is incomplete. It is a paradise in and of itself. A priceless find. A treasure. A true beauty.