Tyrshi Falls

Meghalaya is not only a place of natural beauty, but it also has a lot of waterfalls. Each waterfall has its own charm, as well as a distinct personality that can’t help but pique one’s interest. Yet be impressed at the same time. Aside from the mystical view, it is also the foundation that is very compelling. The strength that this natural beauty possesses is inexplicable. It has a hypnotic effect. The power that it beholds is incredible and enriching. It can influence and transit your entire life.

Tyrshi Falls is one of Meghalaya’s lesser-known gems. No words can justify the beauty that this fall offers. The entire process of this particular waterfall is enthralling.

The stunning falls descend in stages, with the water gushing rapidly and resembling a massive white curtain. The falls are connected by an arched bridge of over 20,000 steps leading down to the bottom of the falls.

The sight of water cascading down and shaping various curtains is hypnotic. It induces tranquility. Along with the sight, the melodious sound of water cascading downwards is nothing short of magical. It’s true love that gets right to your heart. This waterfall has the ability to lift anyone’s spirits and add a new definition to their thoughts. It is a reflection of purity, which is no less than platinum. It is priceless.

Location of Tyrshi Falls in Meghalaya

Tyrshi Falls, situated on the Shillong-Jowai Road (NH 44), is Jowai’. This waterfall is about 5 kilometers from Jowai. You will take a short walk along the path to reach Tyrshi Falls. It’s an experience in and of itself. A hike through paddy fields alongside a gently flowing stream leads to this lovely and serene place. It improves the overall trip experience. After all, who doesn’t like a walk with a spectacular view? Going down more steps allows you to enjoy the water. Just like Elephant Falls, you can get to the base of Tyrshi Falls and listen to the river rumble. It’s always fascinating to watch the waterfall, particularly as the levels rise. It enhances the beauty of the view.

Picturesque beauty of Tyrshi Falls that one might have not known

It provides a stunning panoramic view of the Pynthor Nein paddy fields along the way. Along the way, it offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Pynthor Nein paddy fields. Pynthor Nein is a village in the Meghalaya district of Jaintia Hills. This village’s native language is English. As a result, people communicate with one another in English. This village is about 25 kilometers from Jowai. This village is small, with only about 500 people living there and about 80 homes. However, the paddy fields of this small but spectacular village can be seen from the stunning Tyrshi Falls. One cannot help but be impressed by the simplicity that the village adds to the panoramic vision. It’s phenomenal.

Tyrshi Falls is a massive waterfall. It is worth noting, though, that the Tyrshi Falls are almost three times higher than the Elephant Falls. It is not only enormous in terms of height but also in terms of appeal. As a result, it offered an excellent view of Pynthor Nein’s paddy fields. Its height is one of the reasons why the falling water creates the appearance of an exquisite yet powerful white veil. It is stunning from every angle. It’s incredible.

Tyrshi Falls is considered a hidden gem. Therefore, there are no restaurants near this spot. Hence, it is always better to carry some snacks and munchies along with you. Since this is a less visited area, tourists can, in true essence, enjoy the time with their loved ones in peace. The less explored places are usually very clean in terms of garbage, as there is no scattering of trash in the region. However, one may be worried about the site’s preservation, but the greatest feeling is to be in the midst of raw nature, where its beauty and blissfulness are amplified in a true sense. And nature can take care of its own creation better than humans can. It represents selflessness.

Locals from Nartiang, Shillong, and Jowai during the holidays or on weekends typically visit Tyrshi Falls to take a break from their everyday routine. It’s a perfect way to get away from the monotony of everyday life.

Also, tourists have the opportunity to engage with locals and watch and learn about their way of life if they so wish. The best way to understand a region’s history is to observe the people who live there. No amount of social media or blogs will make you experience a region’s customs. Although this medium will have a bird’s-eye view of the entire state, a first-hand perspective is something that everyone should seek out with an open mind.

Beat Time to Visit Tyrshi Falls

The monsoon season, when the falls are at their most ferocious, is the perfect time to visit. The real beauty of a waterfall can be observed during the monsoon season when the climate is at its peak. Even if it is perilous to enter the area at that time, the serenity that the Tyrshi Falls provide is phenomenal. You will instantly fall in love with this natural creation where the entire environment and species living along with the winds are dancing around you.

Tips when visiting Tyrshi Falls

However, good shoes are required because the trail can be muddy and the rocks above the falls are very slippery. Since there is no garbage can at the park, visitors should avoid littering near the waterfall, as this affects both the wildlife and the natural beauty of the region. It is our moral responsibility as tourists and as humans to protect and preserve the environment in which we live. Even though, Meghalaya is not our birthplace, Earth is. We are obligated to keep it clean and healthy.

Tyrshi Fall is a must-see destination if you want to enjoy the serenity of this waterfall with your loved ones. Enjoy the scenic beauty that this place offers and capture the memories of your lifetime.