Lady of Good Health Shrine

Our Lady of Miracles

There are no written records of the heartfelt story, but there is an oral tradition that has been passed down for years. The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Health was initially been built in Vailankanni, Chennai. Railang Village also has the corresponding Shrine. It is 32 kilometers from Jowai.

The Lady of Good Health is very important in the lives of certain people. It is critical to comprehend the significance and relevance of the story in people's lives. The name Our Lady of Good Health was given to an angel of the Virgin Mary believed to have appeared in the town of Vailankanni. It is a town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is also known as the Holy Mother of Good Health or Our Lady of Vailankanni.

An interesting fact about Our Holy Mother of Good Health is that the Feast day of Our Lady of Good Health is on the same day as the birthday of the Virgin Mary.

Fascinating, isn't it?

Apparition of Our Lady of Good Health

Unfortunately, there are no historical documents pertaining to the Lady of Good Health's foundation. People have passed down oral traditions for a variety of oral stories that have circulated among them. There are several versions of the story. Some are more persuasive than others. It is people's belief that keeps the faith and heart of these stories alive in the world.

One well-known story dates back to the 16th century. There are two stories of apparition Marian apparitions in Vailankanni in the 16th century and one story of the rescue of Portuguese sailors in the Bay of Bengal in the 17th century.

An apparition is described as an unusual or unexpected sighting of a figure that does not appear to be real. As a result, catching a glimpse of sight of Mary (mother Mary) is not trivial. Particularly if you have a proper encounter with her. Some may believe it is a work of fiction, while others may believe it is a fortunate event and a disguised rescue. In the end, it is people's beliefs that make it more real. Some may think it is true, while others may believe it to be a hoax. However, if it gives you hope or a silver lining, there is nothing wrong with acknowledging it.

According to legend, the people have witnessed many apparitions, strengthening their faith more than ever.

First apparition of Our Lady of Good Health

A young boy is said to have seen the first apparition. The incident occurred when the small Hindu boy had to deliver the buttermilk to a man who lived a long-distance away. During his journey, the boy rested beside a lake that was shaded by a Banyan tree. While he was resting, a beautiful woman is said to have appeared out of nowhere. She was carrying a small child herself. Then she asked the boy for milk to feed her child, which he gladly provided. However, when he arrived at the man's house to deliver the milk, he apologized for the delay. He also told him the truth that there would be less milk in his pot. But, much to his surprise, when they opened the milk pot lid, the container was brimming with milk. This was nothing short of a miracle for him. The man and the little boy returned to the pond where the apparition had occurred. The Lady reappeared, this time with her child. When the local Roman Catholic community residents learned that the boy had seen the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus, they were overjoyed. They renamed the pond Matha Kulum (Our Lady's Pond).

Second Apparition of Our Lady of Good Health

The second apparition occurred near the end of the 16th century. The Virgin Mary is said to have appeared in front of a crippled boy. He was the son of a widow. The ethereal beauty of Virgin Marry, on the other hand, appeared in a place called Thittu, once again in the same town of Vailankanni. She requested a cup of buttermilk from the boy in order to feed her child. The disabled boy granted her wish, and he was cured of his illness. Mary then told the boy to find a Catholic gentleman in the nearby town of Nagapattinam and tell him to build a chapel in her honor at Vailankanni. After appearing to be cured, the boy fled to Nagapattinam, where he met the man and told him his story. Following that, the Catholic men of Nagapattinam built a thatched chapel at Vailankanni dedicated to Mary as "Our Lady of Good Health." This Catholic gentleman built the first Shrine.

Third Apparition of Our Lady of Good Health

The Virgin Mary appeared for the third time in the 17th century. A Portuguese merchant ship was making its way from Macau in China, to Colombo in Sri Lanka. The ship was sailing when it became caught in a storm in the Bay of Bengal. The sailors prayed to Mary, Star of the Sea, to save them. If they could reach land safely, the sailors vowed to build a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

According to legend, there is a claim that the sea became calm, and they reached safety on the shore of Vailankanni on the Virgin Mary's birthday, September 8. It is also the Feast of the Nativity of Mary. Because they vowed to the Virgin Mary, the Portuguese sailors transformed the last small Shrine built by the previous Catholic gentleman into a chapel at Vailankanni. The thatched chapel was rebuilt into a stone church by the Portuguese. In the early twentieth century, the church was renovated twice.

Insights into Our Lady of Good Health Shrine

Although the Holy See has not formally approved these alleged apparitions, Pope John XXIII's 1962 elevation of the Vailankanni church to minor basilica status impliedly sanctioned them. According to the Pope's apostolic brief, pilgrims have been flocking to the Shrine for a long time, and it has been dubbed the "Lourdes of the East."

This is the same belief that draws a large number of tourists to this part of Meghalaya. They like to stop by the Lady of Good Health Shrine when they visit West Jaintia Hill. It is a magnificent triple-story octagonal structure with only one large hall in the center and the altar in the center. At the top of the Shrine's dome and over the altar is an imposing statue of Our Lady of Good Health.

The exquisite Shrine is made of gleaming white marble and stands 109 feet tall on a globe. This Shrine has a Roman touch and style. The Shrine has three primary entrances. There are two doors at each entrance. The windows are made up of Roman arches. The entire Shrine is a near-exact replica of Turin's Shrine of Our Lady of Good Health.

Many people are inspired by the story of how this Shrine came to be, making this an unquestionably must-see destination. In the end, what matters are good deeds and thoughts.