Ward's Lake

Ward's Lake

This lake is also called Pollock's Lake or Nan Polok. It is an artificial lake in Shillong, the state capital of Meghalaya. This is, among other places, one of the state's most popular tourist destinations. Many visitors find this venue to be an excellent place to unwind and enjoy quality time with their loved ones. It is popular not only with tourists but also with residents in the state. Ward's Lake is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The shape of the whole site is a fascinating feature of this lake. Ward's lake has an unusual shape: a horseshoe. For others, the shape of the lake would not make much of a difference. However, one cannot deny that the shape of the location adds a lot of credibility to the aesthetics because it allows architects to play around with the place and make it attractive for not just the locals but even visitors from other parts of the India and overseas.

Another aspect that draws visitors to Ward's Lake is the location of the site. It is located near Raj Bhavan, which is the Governor's official residence. Therefore, tourists visiting this place can also get a glimpse of the exteriors of the Raj Bhavan. It is not every day that a visitor gets to see the outside of the Governor's residence of a specific state, let alone the entire country. Even though some may argue that it bears no resemblance to the White House in the United States, one cannot help but appreciate the residence built for the governor of the state because it is linked to the history of not only the nation but also the state of Meghalaya.

When you enter Ward's Lake, you can't help but want to get a panoramic view of the whole area. The lake is surrounded by a lovely botanical garden with an impressive cobblestone footpath that adds to the overall beauty of the lake. Walking down this cobblestone route enhances the overall experience of the Lake. It contributes to the ethereal elegance of the entire Lake which does not do the photograph justice.

Aside from the various and distinct floral plants, the botanical garden also has breathtaking, eye-pleasing orchids that lead to the maximum appeal of the field. The delicate orchids that surround the venue are calming to the eyes and a treasure for orchid lovers. However, you must be cautioned not to pluck the fragile flora because doing so will be an injustice to the herb, which would be stripped from its natural habitat.

There's even a spectacular fountain. What good are a lawn and a lake if there is no fountain? Ward's Lake does not deny you the privilege, and there is an impressive waterfall in this location that adds majestic appeal.

However, the authentic and ancient wooden bridge in the heart of Wards Lake is one of the lake's most eye-catching features. It's a fairy-tale moment when you get to stand on one of the most beautiful bridges in the middle of the lake. From all other areas of the venue, this is regarded as a prime place for capturing an eye-catching unforgettable photograph that you would be unable to help but brag about to your peers.

This lake is much more remarkable because it was built during the pre-independence era and has a legacy intertwined with it. Sir William Ward, who was the Chief Commissioner of Assam at the time, planned this artificial lake. This man-made lake is unmistakably named after him. Fitzwilliam Thomas Pollok, on the other hand, designed this lake. As a result, the names Pollok and Nan Polok were coined. Colonel Hopkins, on the other hand, built Wards Lake in 1894. It is considered to be 100 years old.

It is also said that the area around the lake was established by a Khasi prisoner to break up the monotony of his everyday life. Jismot Chyme, the Khasi convict, is still remembered by the locals who, in his spare time, dug out the Lake which was later artificially developed as Ward's Lake. Even if he is a prisoner, it is worth commending his actions, which served as a backbone in bringing this place to life.

Boating is one of the most common activities on this lake. Aside from this activity, visitors can enjoy feeding the fish on the one-of-a-kind wooden bridge. It is another of the most calming activities enjoyed by tourists, where they can breathe in the fresh air, admire man-made nature, and engage with the water babies, who are ducks and fishes in the lake. It is an excellent way to relieve tension.

A cafeteria is also available to satisfy the visitors' appetite. A wide range of foods is available, along with a relaxing cocktail. One will enjoy feeling at ease with the magnificent view that this location provides.

The months of October to March are the most popular months for visiting this place. However, Ward's Lake is open all year for tourists to enjoy the magnificent lake and the wonderful environment surrounding it. Autumn, with its cherry blossoms, is another excellent time to visit this place, where tourists can take in the scenery to its fullest. It is a rare sight to see cherry blossoms blooming all around you, making it an ideal picnic spot for both family and friends.

Even if it is not a natural garden or lake, you can't help but admire the team's work and appreciate them for bestowing such a beautiful spot on the planet. The brains and hands behind the whole venue deserve a standing ovation. The entire architecture is child-friendly, allowing them to appreciate nature, learn about it, and explore it without injuring themselves. From the tech-free zone to the artificial nature world is a perfect way to unwind and give your mind and soul rest when enjoying the atmosphere comfortably.

Ward's Lake, a man-made wonder created amid the beauty of nature.

A must-visit tourist attraction in Shillong, Meghalaya!