Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls

The Elephant Falls is a popular tourist destination near Shillong. It is a three-tiered waterfall and tourists can enjoy the gorgeous scenery from its summit.

The Umngot River is the main river that flows from this place. It falls from a height of 50m with a thundering roar, which makes it one of the most visited attractions in Meghalaya.

There are several ways to reach here and tourists can catch a bus or drive down to the site. The beautiful waterfall adds to the mystic charm of Shillong, with its vibrant greenery and refreshing air adding up to make a perfect holiday spot for anyone who wishes to enjoy nature at its best!

History of Elephant Falls

According to local legends, a long time ago the elephants of the forest used to reside here. The elephants would go through this place and it soon became known as "Elephant Falls", due to the presence of these animals.

As per another legend, the elephant-shaped lake was caused by the severe punishment meted out to an elephant who committed suicide by jumping off from top of Elephant Falls. During World War II, the falls were captured by advancing Japanese troops and later it was recaptured by British Army.

Today, Elephant Falls is a favourite picnic spot for locals as well as one of the major tourist destinations in Meghalaya. It is also popular for hiking trails around the area to enjoy views of Mawsmai caves, lawns and waterfalls at their best.

Best time to visit Elephant Falls

The best time to visit Elephant Falls is between the months of December and February. Tourists can enjoy several other attractions during this period as well.