Kata Beel

Chimite is another name for Kata Beel. Classically, the term Kata Beel is quite simple and straightforward to translate. The word ‘Kata’ means ‘cut,’ and the word ‘Beel’ means lake, respectively. It is located in Nogorpara Village, about 25 kilometers from Ampati. It is the administrative center of the South West Garo Hills District. Tura is another option for travel. Tura and Nogorpara village is approximately 70 kilometers apart. It’s right on the Tura-Garobadha-Ampatigiri-Mahendraganj highway.

It is currently maintained and overseen by the Garo Baptist Church, which is also in charge of auctioning off fishing rights, the proceeds of which are used to maintain the pond

Insights into Kata Beel

Kata Beel is regarded as one of the most beautiful ponds in Meghalaya's West Garo Hills district. Its beauty will captivate anyone who visits. It’s breathtaking to be surrounded by such natural beauty. Kata Beel is essentially a large calm pond. It is surrounded by magnificent palm trees in the Garo hills. The sight of palm trees alone is soothing. The combination of the pond and the palm trees is simply breathtaking in and of itself. It is no less than a picturesque sight.

Unlike a river or a humongous sea, a pond does not have waves or a ferocious sprinkle of water all around it. It’s relatively still. As still and silent as a rock can be. And that is precisely what the Kata Beel pond is. The still waters of the Kata Beel pond are perfectly cradled in the tank’s concave depression. It perfectly breathtakingly reflects the sky above. It’s a lovely mirror image. When you look at it, you might get the impression that the massive and beautiful skies have come down to earth just for you. It makes for a fantastic spectacle.

The tourists who visit this site will have a rather relaxing day. The pond has a soothing and calming effect that is as soul-stirring as, if not more so than, beaches. The scenic view in front of you will make you reach for your camera or phone to capture the scene. The reflection of the sky in the pond will remind you of the social media wallpapers or screensavers you used to find appealing. It’s therapeutic—a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily work life.

Foundation Tale of Kata Beel

It, like many other places in Meghalaya, has a sacred history attached to it. Locals believe that this Kata Beel pond was built on the orders of one of the Garo Kings. Pagla Raja or Lengtha Raja were his titles. This nickname accurately describes the personality of this respective raja and his range of thought. The capabilities of this Pagla Raja are beyond the understanding of the ordinary individual.

This tank’s area is said to be 84 bighas in size. When the 84 bighas are converted, the result is approximately 1209600 square feet. As a result, the pond’s size is humongous. It is rectangular in shape and contains still water. The size of the tank reveals that no ordinary person could have dug such a large tank. The individual must be wealthy and powerful.

The Kata Beel pond is not your typical pond. It’s simply not still water in a concave tank. The villagers have a sacred notion in which they firmly believe. The pond is considered to be sacred. This reservoir is being guarded by an unnatural force. Surprisingly, not a single leaf has ever fallen into the pond from the nearby trees that surround it. Another fascinating aspect of this magnificent pond is that the water remains clear all year without any maintenance.

This will be an incredible sight to witness. Stories like this make one want to believe in the external power of the universe, which can only be felt and not seen with the naked eye.

Things to do at Kata Beel

1. Boating

Boating is one of the most enjoyable activities, especially when done with family or friends. While floating through the water, it is the best way to pass the time and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. When the water is clean, the experience is enhanced. It’s an entirely different experience. As a result, the Tourist Department has transformed the Kata Beel pond into a recreational area complete with boating facilities. It is one of the most effective ways of attracting tourists from all over the world to this location.

2. Picnic

It’s also a great place to have a picnic. Tourists can sit and enjoy the pond as well as the palm trees that surround it. The kids can run around and enjoy the fresh air. Parents or the elderly can unwind and de-stress from their daily lives. These famous places are most popular during the summer months when people want to enjoy the nice weather and get away from the sun. Aside from tourists, this location is well-known among locals.

3. Fishing & Angling

The Kata Beel pond is an ideal spot for fishing and angling. It is particularly popular among the region’s residents. It’s also a great place to introduce your children to the concept and process of fishing. Even if they do not want to go fishing, they can accompany you or observe the other people around them to better understand the concept of fishing. Sitting near the pond with a rod and stick is a fantastic experience. While fishing in the pond, one can enjoy the pleasant weather.

Exact Location of Kata Beel

Kata Beel is in the village of Nogorpara. It is approximately 25 kilometers from Ampati. It is also about 385 kilometers from the state capital, Shillong. Tura is located approximately 70 kilometers from the district capital, Tura. It is located directly on the Tura-Garobadha-Ampatigiri-Mahendraganj highway.

How to reach Kata Beel?

The best and most convenient way to get to Kata Beel is to book a private cab from Shillong or to take one of the regular transport buses that run from Guwahati to Tura or Shillong to Tura.

Why Kata Beel?

Unlike other places in Meghalaya, Kata Beel is not well-known. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing because visitors can enjoy the location without feeling crowded. They can actually have some peace and quiet. Even if you don’t plan on spending much time here, a detour here for a while is a good option and a must.