Places to See in Garo Hills

Your trip to Meghalaya is incomplete if you don't stop by Gharo Hills. Its impeccable beauty with an abundance of wildlife, flora, and fauna is a treat for your eyes and a blast of knowledge for your brains. Some of the must-visit places that you must have in your checklist list are mentioned below.

Must-visit places in Garo Hills

1) Nokrek National Park

This national park is 2 km away from Tura peak in West Garo Hills. This place has grabbed the attention of many because of the existence of Red Panda, which is on the verge of extinction. It has also allured many trek lovers who enjoy a 6-hour long hike with nature. This national park is also considered being the significant land for Nokrek Biosphere Reserve.

2) Tura Peak

This spot is located in the largest town in the State of Meghalaya. It is believed that it was home to the god Durama.

Tura town is 220 km from Guwahati. Tura peak is considered to be standing with a height of 1400 m. Reach the peak, you will get a magnetic view of the whole town with rainforest all around you. It is a favorite spot for visitors to capture themselves with this view in the camera.

3) Kata Beel

This is known to be the largest scenic pond in West Garo. It is 70km away from Tura. This place offers you a perfect picnic spot with your family and friends. It is said that this place was built under the instructions of Lengta Raja of Garos.

4) Mir Jumla's Tomb

It is located 8 km from Ampati in Thakuranbi Village near Assam-Meghalaya Border. History narrates that Mir Jumla (Mughar General of Emperor Aurangzeb) was Governor of Bengal in 1659. He tried to invade Assam, however, because of the malaria-prone climate he had to retreat back, but before he could do that he got infected. He took his last breath on 30th March 1663 and was buried on a hillock near Thakuranbi village.

5) Siju Caves

It is the third-largest cave in India and one of the longest in the world. Siju Caves is also called Bat cave. This cave is made of limestone and is known for its stalagmites and stalactites. This place gives you a traditional experience of a camp and trek adventure. If traveling here, you will need the guidance of the locals and need to carry essentials like a torch, water, food. Since water is always flowing through the pathway, one must be careful while talking.

6) Darga of Hazrat Shah Kamal Baba

It is built during the 16th century near the India-Bangladesh border, which is 80km from Tura. The story behind this Darga is quite a tale amongst locals there.

It is believed that during the Raja Mahenranarayan’s Reigns’s the demons ruled this place and threatened to kill the mortal however, Shah Kamal Baba who was visiting the place drove the demons away. Furthermore, the shrine of Shah Kamal baba was made in a span of one night only.


7) Pelga Falls

The trip to Garo hills is not complete if one didn’t visit Pelga falls. It is only 7 km away from Tura and is a must-visit place during the monsoon. The perks of stopping by this location are that, unlike other places, it is not that crowded and is perfect to have a peaceful time away from the hustle-bustle of people.

8) Balpakram National Park

One cannot miss visiting a national park in Garo Hill which is rich in wildlife sanctuaries. This national park is south of Garo Hills, near the international Meghalaya-Bangladesh border. The locals there believes it to be a resting place for departed souls. It is a hotspot of biodiversity where you can find rare flora and fauna. A significant experience for nature lovers.

9) Wadagokgre

It is one of the most interesting places in Gharo of Meghalaya. Wadagokgre is 75 km away from Tura. It is not only attractive but also a favorite spot for history lovers. The archeology survey states that this place used to be one of the biggest cities, religious centers in 4 century AD. The fusion of Hinduism and Buddhism was largely practiced in this area. Furthermore, when inspected, this is the only site where not a single bone was found.