How to reach Shnongpdeng

There is no direct transport from Shillong to Shnongpdeng, so tourists need to take a bus or taxi down to Nongstoin along NH 44 and then take another local transport towards Dawki/Mawlynnong. It'd be more viable if you could find a shared taxi that's going directly to Mawlynnong - ask the driver of your vehicle if he knows which road leads to Mawlynnong. From Mawlynnong, you could either hire a 4x4 or trek all the way up (if you're feeling adventurous.

By Road: The only way for tourists to travel by road is via NH44 till Nongstoin and then take a short ride to either Mawlynang (around 30 minutes away by car) or Shillong (which is around 1 hour away by car).

By Train: The nearest train station to Shnongpdeng would be the Mairang Railway Station which is about 10 km from Nongstoin.

By Air: There's no airport near Shnongpdeng, but the closest airport to the town is at Guwahati, around 269km away. From Guwahati, you're looking at a 5-6 hour drive going down NH44 towards Dawki and Mawlynnong - visas aren't required for Indian citizens, so tourists have nothing to worry about.

The easiest way to reach Shnongpdeng is via car or shared taxi from Meghalaya's capital city of Shillong, located just a few kilometres away from Meghalaya's border with Assam. The state of Meghalaya is located in the northeastern region of India and is bounded by Assam, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. Tourists would need to take a shared taxi/pickup from the Shillong market area, which takes around 30 minutes or so if there's no traffic on the roads.

Another best way to reach Shnongpdeng is by hiring a cab that will drop you at your hotel/hostel or alternatively travelling by train to Lumding station from where it's only about 30 minutes' drive. We would recommend spending an entire day- either two half days if you're short on time- exploring this place for its beauty & tranquillity.

The journey to Shnongpdeng starts from Laitkor Peak near Mawsynram village. From here, the road leads into a small village nearby called Nongbah. You'll have to drive through this tiny place which is home to many kind people - don't forget to stop by at their shops & buy some local snacks.

Once you're out of Nongbah, look out for a board saying 'LIVING ROOT BRIDGE'. The place where you can find this signboard is located about 500 metres ahead on the same road. Ensure that you look out for this information while making your way towards Shnongpdeng. It would be the first major landmark you'll encounter on your journey.

The biggest advantage about going to Shnongpdeng would be that it can be combined with a visit to Mawlynnong, another beautiful scenic spot which is only a couple of hours drive away from this location. This village also has some 'unique' North-East Indian traditional living root bridges similar to those found at Nongriat Waterfalls.

Shnongpdeng is one of the most serene & peaceful places in Meghalaya - it's where you can get away from all your worries and spend some time alone contemplating life without worrying too much about anything else! It's an ideal place for people who are looking forward to spending their holiday in quiet, tranquil surroundings. So if you're planning a trip to Shnongpdeng, then make sure that this is what you're looking for!

Shnongpdeng is open throughout the year; however, it gets really cold during the winters (especially during December-February), so do pack up warm clothes while visiting here.