Meghalaya CM has written to the Union Home Ministry seeking Rs 300 crores in aid

SHILLONG: 21st June 2022 (PTI Source)

Meghalaya CM has said that the state government has requested Rs 300 crores in financial aid from the Ministry of Home Affairs, GOU, as a result of the floods that have caused substantial damage to the state.

Chief Minister Jokhan Singh had spoken with Home Minister Amit Shah. In the presence of district officials, NHAI staff, and PWD Engineers, Sangma went to examine the damaged area of the NH-6 in East Jaintia Hills this Sunday.

For the previous three days, owing to numerous landslides in the Lum Shnong region, the area has suffered severe road connectivity issues between Meghalaya and three adjoining states of Assam, Tripura, and Mizoram that have been cut off.

NH-6, which passes through Meghalaya, was severely damaged and closed as a result of the flood. New route identified for travellers heading towards Northeast. A different route has been identified via Star Cement Premises that lies in Lum Shnong, which is in the East Jaintia Hills region. This route will be opened for servicing light motor cars and vehicles only.

The vital NH-6 that runs through the state of Meghalaya, and connects various parts of the Northeast, including Tripura, Mizoram, the southern part of Assam, and parts of Manipur were severely damaged, and hence, remains closed owing to heavy rainfall and extreme landslides.

CM Sangma also met stranded truck drivers, assuring them that the government would provide all possible aid needed.

The Chief Minister specified that the road connection will be restored in the next 48 hours to 72 hours; however, it is dependent on weather conditions. The restoration work has been hampered as a result of continuing precipitation, but the administration is working to ensure that the road link is restored.

The Chief Minister informed that every effort is being made to repair the entire damaged section of the road in order to ensure accessibility. There is, however, a huge problem because the rain does not cease. When the rain stops and the water's flow is redirected, damage can be repaired;

The authorities are limited in their ability to repair the damage, as they cannot control the water flow. The destruction of the highway and interruption of restoration efforts were due to water from the hills gushing along with it. Water is now being redirected to complete work on NH-6.

From Assam and Meghalaya, around 1,000 plus heavy trucks are stranded on both sides of the road. He also attended a review meeting at the Khliehriat office of the DC with department officials and took stock of the situation in the district. On Monday, the Chief Minister visited Mawsynram and went to Garo Hills to assess the situation today.

The government of Meghalaya has written to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, requesting a financial grant amounting to Rs 300 crores.

“The rain has been unrivalled in some regions, breaking records for the past 40 years. This is not a seasonal occurrence; it's serious, prolonged rain that wasn't anticipated. In the rains, major roads on highways and vital roads in rural areas, as well as bridges, have been damaged. The devastation has been immense, and the financial cost will be huge. There has also been a significant economic impact, including livestock losses as well as agricultural activities in the State. "There's been a considerable effect on both human lives and property alike," he added.

According to the news agency IANS, Union Home Minister Amit Shah was informed of the situation. He said that the government will take some time to assess the extent of the damage. He also mentioned that Rajnath Singh, India's Home Minister, has been informed of the issue. "We've taken steps to measure the damages, but it'll take some time," he further added.