KJBA, Shillong, sniffs an agenda of the Meghalaya Government to aid the BJP's mission

SHILLONG: 11th May 2022 (PTI Source)

The KJBA (Khasi-Jaintia-Butchers' Association) believes that the Meghalaya government is unintentionally aiding the BJP's mission by failing to resolve the beef problem in the state.

The association also accused the state government of doing nothing to address this problem, allowing the BJP to fulfil its mission to ban the consumption of beef in the state. “The BJP is being aided by the state government to achieve their goal to prohibit eating beef in the state by sitting back and doing nothing,” Generous Warlarpih, general secretary of KJBA, charged.

He mentioned that the individuals running this business are at a loss since, if the situation does not change soon, everything would come to a halt. He claimed that many people have already lost their jobs, while many more will suffer a similar fate as the butchers have been driven out of this industry due to a lack of cattle.

The state government, on the other hand, has launched missions for piggery and aqua-culture to boost pork and fish/ seafood production, but no similar program exists for cattle farming.

"We have enough of cattle in the state," he claims, implying that the state can no longer rely on foreign beef as most BJP-run states have outlawed it.

“We must be self-reliant. We advise the government to start a policy on a mission mode that encourages farmers to raise cattle for slaughter,” said KJBA General Secretary.

He went on to explain that consumers are blaming butchers for the increase in the price of beef, despite not knowing the circumstances on the ground. He said that the majority of cattle farmers in Maharashtra produce dairy cattle or bullfighting animals.

"We have to buy cattle from the local farmers at a greater rate since they are not intended for slaughter. As a result, we are forced to raise the beef price," Warlarpih added.

The price of beef has risen in the state over the last year, with a kilogram currently costing between Rs 550 and Rs 600.

The KJBA has previously stated that cattle from other states are no longer being transported to Meghalaya, resulting in a critical beef shortage.

After the enforcement of the 2021 Amendment Act of the ACP (Assam-Cattle-Preservation), which regulates cattle movement into Assam, the organization claimed that the Assam government has been preventing their entry.

The state government's assertion that it is handing out penalties to local meat vendors has been dismissed by Warlarpih.

“We are now thinking about requesting the state government to cease issuing challans,” he had added.

The government has remained silent on the subject.