In the world's wettest region, a roaring waterfall appears. Hint: It is NOT Cherrapunjee

SHILLONG: 21st June 2022 (PTI Source)

People were left to wonder and in awe after a video emerged on the internet of the world's wettest place measuring the highest rainfall of all times, breaking its own record this year in June. They say it is not Cherrapunjee.

Clouds are precipitation or precipitation is rain? Is it possible that something as wet as clouds can exist in a place known as the "Wettest Place On Earth"?

A video has recently gone viral on the internet leaving Netizens perplexed by the white fluff flying across the road near Meghalaya's mountains.

Although it did appear to be clouds, in fact, it was a flurrying of water from the thundering waterfall caused by heavy rains in that terrain. For almost a week, the Northeast has been battered with monsoon rains.

The video features Mawsynram, which witnessed record-breaking precipitation of 1003.6 mm from 8:30 am on 16th June to 8:30 pm on 16th June in Meghalaya's Khasi Hills. Year on year, this place has been setting a record by itself for being the wettest place on the planet.

In the video, a female passenger can be heard exclaiming, "BAADAL AARHE Hain!" (Clouds are approaching!) while the male person in the car tried to explain that it was not clouds but the rain. The passengers were awestruck by the rushing water and repeatedly requested the driver to take a different route.

You can watch the video here.

[Video courtesy: @US_Stormwatch]

In the video, nothing appears ahead on the roadway, which causes passengers to be hesitant to continue their journey. Another vehicle can be seen standing by as the rumbles subside and allow for a safe passage for transportation

Anand Mahindra, a business magnate, tweeted that he believed Cherrapunjee to be the wettest location on Earth until he saw this viral video.