General Information

Meghalaya was formerly part of Assam. This beautiful hilly region was initially part of the tea-making factory Assam. It was during 1972 (21st January, 1972) when districts of Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia were carved out of Assam and the state of Meghalaya was formed.

The state of Meghalaya is situated:

  • South of Bangladesh division (Mymensingh and Sylhet)
  • West of Bangladesh Division (Rangpur)
  • North and East of Assam

Out of the total population of Meghalaya; about 20.07% (5.95 Lakhs) of the people live in the urban region and 79.93% live in the interiors of Meghalaya i.e. rural region. The average literacy rate in urban is 9.79% against 69.92% in rural.

The state Meghalaya offers you the perfect blend of god-made creation, culture, tradition, mouth-watering but adventurous cuisines, liberating festivals along with progressive beliefs. Your visit to this place will engrave the beauty of the magnificent views in your mind and heart, forever.

Your perception towards belief will take a 360-degree turn when you interact with the welcoming locals of the state. They will not only teach you ways to preserve your natural environment but will enthrall and influence you with a deep sense of happiness, peace and make you value even the smallest things in life. You will treasure the natural beauty and gifts that God has given us and will be in awe of how the people of Meghalaya look at every little thing in the world and cherish them, and you will also be able to see the true beauty and happiness – that are one with nature – through the lens of Meghalaya.

Some interesting information about Meghalaya is as follows:

  1. Motto: Satyameva Jayate
  2. Bird: Hill myna
  3. Mammal: Clouded leopard
  4. Flower: Lady’s Slipper Orchid
  5. Tree: Gamhar
  6. Literacy Rate
    • Total Literacy: 74.43% (17.85 Lakhs)
    • Male Literacy: 75.95% (9.13 Lakhs)
    • Female Literacy: 72.89% (8.71 Lakhs)
  7. Population
    • Total: approx. 26.5 Lakhs
    • Male: approx. 14.91 Lakhs
    • Female: approx. 14.75 Lakhs
  8. Child Population (0-6 years):
    • Male Child Population: approx. 2.88 Lakhs
    • Female Child Population: approx. 2.79 Lakhs
  9. Sex Ratio: 989
  10. Child Sex Ratio: 970

Basic information on Meghalaya is as follows:

  1. Country: India
  2. Capital: Shillong
  3. Total Districts: 11
  4. Total Area: 22,429 sq. km
  5. Area rank: 22nd
  6. Density: 132 per sq. km
  7. Time Zone: UTC + 05:30 (IST)
  8. ISO code: 3166 IN-ML
  9. Official Language: English
  10. Website:
  11. STD code: 364
  12. Pincodes of Meghalaya by PinCodeArea
    • Ri Bhoi: Starts with 793
    • East Khasi Hills: Starts with 793
    • West Garo Hills: Starts with 794
    • Jaintia Hills: Starts with 793

Emergency Numbers in Meghalaya

  1. Police Control No. 100/ 2224400/ 2222277
  2. Fire: 101/ 2227000/ 2223300
  3. Ambulance: 108/ 2224100/ 2223889
  4. State Disaster Management (Shillong): 0364-2502098/ 2503022
  5. Child Helpline: 1098
  6. Traffic Helpline: 0364- 2223451
  7. Police Station: 0364- 2222855/ 2227050