Chandubi Lake Falls

The Chandubi Lake Falls is also known as Soainam or 'pale pink'. It cascades down from an impressive height of around 240 ft into a calm pool below. The falls is surrounded by lush green vegetation and the location makes for an ideal weekend getaway destination in Meghalaya during your tour here.

This waterfall has a height of 27 metres and it gets very deep during the monsoon season. These waterfalls are situated on River Umkhen which originates from Nokrek Biosphere Reserve and empties itself into Umiam Lake also known as Bara Pani meaning Big Water. Many institutions around take care of Kynrem Falls such as Mawsmai Cave & viewpoints, Living root bridges etc.

Best time to visit Chandubi Lake Falls

November to February are the best months for tourists to visit Chandubi Lake Falls. During this time, they can also enjoy other attractions in these hills.