Vehicle Movement Restored After Landslide Cleared in Meghalaya's East Jaintia Hills

SHILLONG: 1st July 2022 (PTI Source)

The current spate of landslides in northeast Meghalaya, caused by heavy and continuous rains, has uprooted many people, leaving behind long scars of devastation. Across the state, numerous villages were flooded as a result of several roads, bridges, and irrigation canals being damaged.

Another series of landslides occurred in East Jaintia Hills close to the Sonapur Tunnel, yesterday, trapping many vehicles for many hours. The nation's highway network became a river of mud and rocks as a consequence of the downpour.

The problem was identified when travelers complained of narrow lanes and slippery patches on a stretch of the highway in Meghalaya's East Garo Hills District.

Although authorities were quick to respond, they cleared the debris of the landslide this morning at Sonapur Tunnel (East Jaintia Hills), allowing vehicles to drive through NH-6.

Light motor vehicles may now use the road in both directions. The Umkiang PP police team is putting out all efforts to maintain order. Drivers and passengers are kindly requested to be patient while the cops are at work.

It is also worth noting that, owing to the length of the railway line, Silchar and adjacent areas are connected to the rest of India. The devastation in Silchar city continues to linger, and reopening road transportation across this critical junction will aid with relief efforts.