Tura Auditorium Inaugurated by the CM of Meghalaya

SHILLONG: 16th June 2022 (PTI Source)

On Monday, Meghalaya CM inaugurated the upgraded and renovated Tura auditorium in the West Garo Hills. The event was held in the presence of MP Agatha Sangma (of the Tura Parliamentary Constituency).

The CM also presented the plaque for the laying of the building's foundation stone, which will be financed by NDB (New Development Bank).

When his government came to power in 2018, the CM remarked that while he was aware of the said Tura Auditorium's construction by late PA Sangma (his father), and the fact that it had not been under repairs for over 3 decades, he had given Rs 3 crores at first and an additional Rs 2 crores after that for finishing the restoration work.

“Other projects assisted by the NDB, including Tura Smart-town Project, in which about 277 internal road projects have been started with a total cost of Rs 55 million, will be funded entirely from state money,” he added.

Sangha announced that a new state-of-the-art convention centre would be built in the area within a few months and that Rs 50 crore worth of technology will be provided. Furthermore, according to Sangha, the Youth Centre Building has been approved for construction, which will be a facility for skill development for youngsters.

He further stated that he intends to establish a football school for children in the state. The government is also thinking about constructing a new football facility at PA Sangma Stadium, which would add to the list of great stadiums already constructed there.

He said that he had asked the North-East-United-Football Academy to initiate a pre-season training camp in Tura and educate children from the region. In the interim, he further added that despite many challenges, the beautification project of Tura town was initiated with a funding of Rs 15 crores and the project for adding street lights will start from the month of September or October this year.