The Meghalaya Police issues a warning against fraudsters repeatedly

SHILLONG: 23rd April 2022 (PTI Source)

The Meghalaya Police has warned the public about fraudsters who have been requesting assistance mentioning Amazon Pay eGift cards, and it has urged individuals to report to their local police station or Meghalaya Police's wing that tackles Cyber Crime.

It's possible that these numbers are affiliated with the government. Several WhatsApp accounts, including one with a picture of a government official and their name on it, have been attempting to contact people via Facebook asking for help in the form of Amazon Pay E-gift cards.

"These impostors, in the guise of attending an emergency meeting, have been distributing Amazon powered e-Ggift card links to WhatsApp users," says the alert. The scammers will provide you with pre-loaded gift card URLs that may be worth up to Rs 10,000 before convincing those who come under their target to buy the gift card and sending via email or WhatsApp a unique claim code. The scammers steal the money spent on purchasing the gift card.