The Meghalaya government has launched a project to encourage music and support budding artists

SHILLONG: 30th April 2022 (PTI Source)

In an attempt to recognise and favour musical abilities while also providing assistance to artists, to open doors for performing at events outside the state, the government of Meghalaya has launched a music initiative at the grassroots level.

Attributing the Lifetime Achievement Award' to Lou Majaw, the state's musical legend, on Tuesday evening, Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma also unveiled the initiative that will offer a platform for artists to showcase and encourage their talent.

This program was designed to encourage and provide a platform for our artists, as well as combine tourism with it, according to Sangma.

We are certain that the youngsters of Meghalaya will be more than glad to get involved with this project. He went on to say that the initiative would allow young people to release and showcase their musical potential.

The city is also planning to install a public art park in the neighbourhood, which will include an open-air theatre where people of all ages and talents can express themselves through song. This venue will also be used for street performances in different public spaces, as well as musical events at cafés across the state.

The Meghalaya government is attempting to create a welcoming environment for musicians and music enthusiasts, according to Sangma.