Task Force To Be Established For Land Governance In Northeastern States, Says Government

SHILLONG: 18 May 2023 (PTI Source)

A group has been assembled by the Ministry of Rural Development to supervise land governance processes in various North-Eastern states. The decision was made after the “The Land Governance in The Northeast States Of India” conference in Guwahati, Assam, on May 3–4. Attendees at the conference showcased traits that embodied the core essence of Meghalaya, Assam, Mizoram and Tripura. They agreed that land records’ modernization and digitization were necessary for development in the region.

The conference discussed the current state of land governance, the modernization of land records, and customary and indigenous laws. The Rural Development Ministry revealed that while land records’ digitization and modernization have made good progress in some parts of Assam, there are still serious gaps in the areas under the Autonomous District Councils of Hasao, Bodoland Territorial, Dima, and Karbi Anglong.

The conference also addressed land-related issues in other areas, including the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous Council, Lai Autonomous District Council areas of the sixth (6th) Schedule, and areas of Meghalaya’s Khasi Hills and Garo Hills Autonomous District Councils.

The Department of Land Resources has recognized the need to modernize and digitize all records of land deals that fall under various Northeast autonomous district council states and is committed to supporting the constitutional framework’s councils and established laws.

The Council of Bodoland Territorial has proposed the modernization and digitization of all the land records, and the Department of Land Resources has approved it. To further streamline land governance in the Northeastern Indian states, a Task Force for Land Governance will be established after due process with the approval of the Competent authority and consultation with the various autonomous District councils.