Shillong Golf Club - a natural golf course worth visiting

SHILLONG: 19th April 2022

Shillong, in Meghalaya, has earned the title of "Scotland of the East" in its own right, owing to its beautiful scenery and pleasant weather. Though this phrase still holds true today owing to rapid urbanisation. Shillong was one of the more popular hill station holidays for British troops and officers during the colonial period, as it was a common sight to see they were there.

The evidence is the survival and construction of a number of historical structures in Shillong. In today’s news write-up of iconic structures in Shillong, we bring to you one of India's oldest clubs, the Shillong Golf Club, a marvel to delight in.

The Shillong Golf Club is perched on a rolling hill, overlooking one of the world's most beautiful and breathtaking 18-hole golf courses. The Golf Club was built in the 1890s as a retreat for high-ranking British officers and golf enthusiasts. The beautiful Club House, nestled in the embrace of nature, is reminiscent of its colonial history. With a magnificent and wide lawn, the Club House exudes a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere whenever one enters the property.

The Golf Club has around 80 to 100 golfers and is affiliated with a number of renowned clubs across the world, including Australia, Dubai, Bangladesh, and Nepal. In India, the Shillong Golf Club has connections with clubs in Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Maharashtra, and a number of other states.

What a gorgeous sight it is! The Shillong Golf Club, a preserved gem nestled in the prolific and green-carpet golf course, when seen, evokes memories of the renowned poem, "A Lay of the Links" penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Shillong Golf Club, I am fortunate to have the assistance of Mr. Peter Du Preez and the team of golfers from Mowglii Park G.C., who have forced me to achieve a higher level than I had previously achieved in this tournament with their engaging play!

To date, Shillong Golf Club has won 1st place 22 times out of 28 years since its inception in 1988. It was built under the guidance of founding members including one, who would later become my father-in-law - Captain Anil Pargal (Retd) along with other key people such as Hector Marwein, Chief Engineer at Shillong Golf Club. The Director, Hector Marwein, is also indebted to the late Colonel for his role in the development of the Club.

The course was designed by British Army Officers and is one of the most natural golf courses in India. It has been nicknamed "the Gleneagles of the East" by some, owing to its similarity to the world-famous Scottish golf course.

The Shillong Golf Club enjoys a pleasant climate all year round, with temperatures ranging from 10-20 degrees Celsius. The best time to play golf here is between October and May.

The course is a par-70 and measures 6,258 yards (5,724 meters). It is well-maintained and offers a challenge to even the most experienced golfers.

The club has a number of facilities, including a pro-shop, a driving range, and a bar. Visitors are always welcome and there are a number of membership options available.

Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a beginner, or just someone who enjoys golf or loves the sight of scenic beauty, the Shillong Golf Club is definitely worth a visit!