"Promises Made To Farmers Not Kept" In Meghalaya

SHILLONG: 11th May 2022 (PTI Source)

The Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik explained that the farmers' protest at Delhi borders is over, but their opposition to three contentious farm laws is continuing elsewhere.

Malik stated that the government has not kept its promises to farmers thus far and suggested establishing a legal MSP (Minimum Support Price).

Malik condemned the government's lack of concern for farmers and said that despite having ended their protest outside Delhi borders, farmers' opposition to the three contentious farm laws is still going on elsewhere.

"The government's promises to farmers are not being kept. The government should pass a statute on MSP to resolve the problem," Malik said while speaking with reporters in Dhaka on Sunday evening.

"Farmers have called off their protest in Delhi, but the movement continues," he continued.

In November 2020, thousands of farmers from Punjab and Haryana took up arms at the nation's borders, demanding that the government repeal three agrarian laws. The demonstration came to an end in December 2021 after the Narendra Modi administration withdrew the farm laws.

Farmers who were blocking roads in protest against the government's failure to fulfil their demands had rejected orders to clear the protest sites, demanding that cases filed against them be dropped, a legal guarantee on MSP, and compensation to family members of those farmers who died while protesting among other things.

On December 9, 2018, the Centre agreed to listen to the protestors' additional demands, and then on January 15th, 2019, the SKM announced it was suspending its protest.

The country's youth, Malik added, was “wandering” on the roads without employment because there had been no talks on inflation or unemployment.

The governor stated that instead of critical problems, "unimportant" concerns are being addressed, urging both Hindus and Muslims to cease fighting and start focusing on unemployment and other major issues that the country is facing.

He also spoke about the use of bulldozers in Uttar Pradesh, emphasizing that buildings belonging to the poor should not be destroyed without notice.

Malik travelled to Muzaffarnagar and paid a visit to the Baghra Dargah, where he met members of the Rashtriya Lok Dal and Samajwadi Party.

At the peak of the protest by farmers, Malik had expressed support for them in front of the government's discomfort.

Malik had stated, in March, that he was advised not to criticize the BJP government because he could be nominated as President or Vice President if he remained quiet, but that he "didn't care about these positions."