Police Bazaar (PB) Hawkers To Be Relocated To New Designated Spots In Shillong

SHILLONG: 7 May 2023 (PTI Source)

Meghalaya Government to relocate registered hawkers from Police Bazar to ease congestion and turn it into a pedestrian zone. In a statement issued on Thursday, Tourism Minister, Paul Lyngdoh announced that the government will be rehabilitating the registered hawkers who comply with the law by relocating them to government markets such as Shopping Complex in Polo, the parking lot at Iewduh (Bara bazaar), and MUDA.

The aim of this initiative is to clear up the space and decongest the entire stretch and make it a more pedestrian-friendly zone. Lyngdoh announced that the street in Police Bazar will soon be designated as a pedestrian-only zone, which will inspire people to take a stroll without the stress of meandering through the crowd and they will be able to relish in good music performances by young talents.

As part of this initiative, young and talented singers will be engaged to perform along the stretch to attract more people to the area. The Meghalaya Government aims to implement this plan by June.

This move is expected to be welcomed by locals and tourists alike as the Police Bazar stretch has been a congested and chaotic area for years, with pedestrians and vehicles competing for space. By creating a pedestrian zone, the government hopes to improve the overall experience for people visiting Police Bazar and boost tourism in the area.