Meghalaya Speaker: The Merger Of PDF With NPP Does Not Lead To Disqualification

SHILLONG: 10 May 2023 (PTI Source)

The Meghalaya Speaker, Thomas Sangma, announced on Monday that the NPP-PDF merger doesn’t violate the disqualification provisions under para four of the tenth schedule of the Indian Constitution.

The merger was formalized on Saturday, increasing NPP's strength to 28 in the 60-member House. Following a careful examination of the documents and relevant provisions of the tenth Schedule of the Indian Constitution, Speaker Sangma gave his approval.

This merger has created a significant shift in the political landscape of Meghalaya, with the NPP becoming the largest party in the state assembly. The PDF has had a considerable influence on the politics of Meghalaya for a long time, and its merger with the NPP could have far-reaching implications.

The move has been welcomed by the NPP, with party leaders expressing their gratitude to the Speaker for his decision. On the other hand, it has not gone down well with the opposition Congress, which has accused the NPP of horse-trading and violating the Constitution.

However, Speaker Sangma's decision has put all such accusations to rest, bringing clarity to the issue and ensuring that the democratic process in the state remains intact. This merger is expected to have a significant impact on the upcoming state elections, and the political landscape in Meghalaya is sure to see more changes in the days to come