Meghalaya launches a Scheme for Homestays

SHILLONG: 20th May 2022 (PTI Source)

The Meghalaya Tourism department launched the "Homestay Scheme" in an effort to capitalize on the employment generating potential of the tourism industry and repair tourism infrastructure in the state.

Under this, the State's Tourism Department plans to release funding of Rs 10 million to help promote homestays throughout the state.

The state would provide a subsidy and loans to encourage residents to run homestays as a source of livelihood.

Under this plan, those who want to start homestays would receive a 35 per cent front-end grant.

The rural areas would receive up to 70 per cent of the funding.

People interested in applying for microenterprise loans under the program should go to and call WhatsApp number 7640003050 for assistance.

On receipt of the application, the officials from DCIC (District-Commerce & Industries-Centre) and the state tourism department will conduct a joint inspection within 45 days of receiving your paperwork.

The application is forwarded to the financing bank, which will complete the process within 30 days after approval.

When the financing bank accepts the applicant's application, it will issue a sanction letter to the applicant who has undergone EDP training before the money is released.

Homestays have grown increasingly common among tourists, as they offer not just less cost but also the opportunity to experience traditional cultures firsthand by living with locals in a particular region.

Homestays are less expensive than B&Bs and hotels, which appears to be increasing in popularity and acceptability by tourists and travellers.