Meghalaya: Increased focus on the Educational System

SHILLONG: 9th July 2022 (PTI Source)

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) provided the funding for this project, which cost around INR 8.33 crores.

The Meghalaya government has set the goal of increasing elementary education in the state and has put up a plan to fund early childhood education initiatives, according to Meghalaya CM.

At a ceremony held in the new structure of the Directorate of Education Research and Training (DERT) - Annexe in Malki, Shillong, on Friday, Minister for Education Lahkmen Rymbui and local MLA Ampareen Lyngdoh were present. The speaker said this while inaugurating the DERT - Annexe building at Malki, Shillong

“The Government has been putting money into renovating education infrastructure and providing adequate learning opportunities for children through teacher training at the grassroots level,” said the CM.

According to the CM, Meghalaya is one of the few states where an early childhood education program has started. He explained that the aim of early childhood education is to ensure that a child's learning potential is fully exploited.

The Chief Minister was asked about children's performance in higher examinations and responded that there was a scarcity of high-quality schooling at the pre-primary level, hence the Government had introduced a system to provide comprehensive education throughout early childhood.

The CM said that the Government will allocate INR 300 crores from externally aided projects to invest in early childhood education programs. He stated that through the program, they would implement different measures to ensure that a youngster grows up in an atmosphere where all learning endeavours are beneficial.

Sangma acknowledged that the education sector is critical to the future of Meghalaya, stating that teachers can have a significant role in moulding the next generation of productive citizens of India. He also advised instructors to improve their teaching methods in conjunction with technological advancements, with the aim of positioning the state in the top ten in the education ecosystem.

“We should not be treating our children as if they are a commodity. We should not treat them as an instrument of economic growth that we can sell to the world,” he added. In addition, he said, “DERT will not only teach teachers; rather, we shall collaborate to help the State shape the future of its children and state.”

“We will provide the right platform for our young pupils in our State to release their learning potentials, which will help Meghalaya progress,” he continued.

The training institute will provide the best instruction to instructors, according to Education Minister Lahkmen Rymbui. He went on to say that because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the education sector had been challenged, but it has also allowed policymakers to develop new school response modalities.

Rymbui added that, with NEP 2020, they're entering a new era where the NXT Era is born. They must demonstrate that students may become the finest, he explained, adding that they are entering a new era where NEP 2020 is established.

“In this age, we've seen how pandemic has disrupted education and the entire learning process. However, it has presented us with a unique opportunity: we realised that with just one small action, a huge impact can be made. Who would believe that sending messages on your phone would transform into a classroom for us?” Rymbui added.

During this time, he said that the education department should look at the preceding two years as a chance to advance positively.