Meghalaya Government To develop 75 Climate-Resilient Health Centres in the State

SHILLONG: 4th July 2022 (PTI Source)

Officials in Meghalaya said on Sunday that the state plans to construct 75 new health centers in remote locations that are resistant to harsh weather conditions.

They spoke on the impact of climate change on health centers in far-flung areas, which they said will have an effect on patients, midwives, and auxiliary nurses, who work at these facilities.

The Sauramandala Foundation will handle design and capacity building, while Selco Foundation will be the project's technological partner, they say.

“We are looking at ways to incorporate architectural ideas that are sustainable, into these facilities, which deal with water conservation and renewable energy,” a Foundation representative explained.

The buildings will be able to withstand Arctic temperatures, high winds, earthquakes, and landslides, according to the official.

Rs 50 lakh will be spent on each of these facilities.

Meanwhile, Selco Foundation and Sauramandala Foundation have completed installing the solar energy panels at hundred (100) health centers in a few of Meghalaya's remote villages. The state government is covering 70% of the expenses.