Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma laid the foundation stone for the Nokrek Sakal A.duma Eco Resort

SHILLONG: 15th December 2021 (PTI Source)

On Tuesday morning, Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma laid the foundation stone for the much-awaited Eco Resort in the picturesque Sakal A.duma hamlet, paving the road for supporting and promoting eco-tourism and sustainable livelihood in the region. This is the first of its kind in Garo Hills, Meghalaya's National Nokrek Biosphere Sanctuary which is of ecological significance.

Nokmas and locals were joined by legislators including Chief Whip Marcuise Marak, MLA Thomas A Sangma, MLA Rakkam A Sangma (Siju-Rongara), Deputy Commissioner Ram Singh (West Garo Hills), and Development Officer Shelley Ch Momin (Rongram Block) to witness this event.

After the CM of Meghalaya laid out the groundwork at the ceremony for the Eco Resort, he added that this resort will be one of the finest tourism destinations in North East India and that the sum of Rs. 23 crores would be invested in it using a well-known design that should be finished in a year.

The chief minister pointed out that in order to promote and develop sustainable tourism, the support of the local people is required. This project will be the property of the people of the region, he added.

The state government has also announced that Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will finance the development and promotion of tourism in Meghalaya, receiving a total of Rs. 700 crores from the Japanese government. According to Mr. Lyngdoh, out of this money, Rs. 350 crores have been set aside for the Khasi Hills and Garo Hills respectively.

In addition, Conrad announced that work on a water reservoir project to safeguard and preserve streams and rivers will begin soon.

The Chief Adviser to the Chief Minister, Thomas A Sangma, while addressing on the occasion stated that this destination will feature an information centre as well as a learning facility for tourists and researchers. He also urged the Agriculture and Veterinary Departments to implement programs in this area.

The Chief Whip of the Government, Marcuise N Marak, while speaking about tourism growth in the region stated that work on the Rongram-Rongrenggre-Darugre road will begin soon, allowing for improved road communication among residents of Rombagre, Rongsakgre, Samandagre.

The Deputy Commissioner of West Garo Hills, Ram Singh, delivered the welcome address earlier this morning, emphasizing the significance of green tourism and livelihood programs that are in line with environmental conservation.