Meghalaya CM Conducts On-Site Inspection Of Tourism Amenities At Daribok, Garo Hills

SHILLONG: 2 May 2023 (PTI Source)

Garbed in his signature style, Meghalaya CM Conrad K. Sangma took a break from his daily routine to visit the tourism facilities that were newly constructed at Daribok. The place nestles in the picturesque foothills of the Nokrek Biosphere Reserve in the Garo Hills.

The new viewing deck at Daribok, along with the newly constructed road from Oragitok to Daribok, has proved to be a game-changer by attracting a significant increase in the number of tourists. The boom in tourism has also opened up opportunities for a host of tourism-related businesses in the area.

However, the Chief Minister is worried about the increased footfall in the bio-sensitive region of Nokrek. Sangma has directed various departments to work together to come up with sustainable measures that can ensure the area remains free of litter and plastic waste.

During his visit, Sangma also inspected the construction work of the tourist log houses at Daribok. He spoke about how the new facilities being developed will be a major boost for tourism in the Garo Hills region.

Sangma stressed the importance of ensuring that the intervention in the area is sustainable and has zero littering, proper waste management, and regulated entry with ticketing. He also wants to restrict vehicle parking in designated areas away from the eco-sensitive region of Nokrek Biosphere Reserve.

Moreover, Sangma informed that electric vehicles would be introduced for tourists to commute from designated areas to Daribok. It’s a move towards eco-friendliness, and it aligns with the government's vision for sustainable tourism.

The Chief Minister's visit has generated excitement among the tourism stakeholders of the region. The people are eagerly waiting for the new amenities to be operational so that they can witness the region's natural beauty in its full glory.