Meghalaya BJP State President Election in Limbo After Mawrie's Refusal

SHILLONG: 2 May 2023 (PTI Source)

The BJP President in Meghalaya, Ernest Mawrie, has stated that the demand for holding party elections made by BJP MLA, AL Hek, was his personal opinion and not the official stance of the party.

Mawrie pointed out that since the national president, JP Nadda, had been given an extension of his term until June 2024, no party election could be held until the central government announces it. Mawrie also dismissed Hek's claim of a possible merger between the BJP and TMC, saying that the party was unaware of such a possibility.

Mawrie clarified that his term as BJP state president had ended this year, but until the national president's election is announced by the centre, no party election can be held. He went on to say that Hek's statement about the election was wrong, and he reminded Hek that he himself had served as party president from 2003-2006, a term that lasted for three years instead of two.

The discrepancies between the statements of BJP members were attributed by Mawrie to their individual aspirations. He added that the BJP would focus on strengthening its position in Meghalaya and reaching out to more people.

It is worth noting that BJP MLA AL Hek had recently demanded a party election to select a new president. However, Mawrie's statement has made it clear that such a move is not possible until the national president's election is announced by the centre.