Meghalaya: BJP leader claims NPP workers are withdrawing cash for phantom projects

SHILLONG: 6th May 2022 (PTI Source)

The NPP workers have driven the CM of Meghalaya, Conrad Sangma, and Member of Parliament Agatha Sangma, under the bus by stealing funds in the name of government "phantom" projects.

Bernard Marak, who is the BJP Leader of MDC Tura, has accused National People's Party workers of looting money for "Ghost" initiatives that do not exist. He alleged that the NPP employees had taken Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma and MP Agatha Sangma for a ride by allegedly stealing funds from such projects.

Despite the fact that the misusing of public funds is getting more media attention, new ghost projects have developed in Conrad Sangma's South Tura constituency, and Tura, the hometown of Agatha Sangma, according to the statement.

He claims that they are taking an immense quantity of money from the SUWP and MPLADS for these initiatives, which do not exist.

The Meghalaya BJP leader also stated that among the many accomplishments verified in government files, including a specific graveyard shed in his community that had been built by the public, was utilized by party workers to withdraw authorization under two different government programs.

The implementation of the penalties was delayed after it emerged that the shed in question had been built by the community through general contributions and not through SUWP or MPLADS.