Meghalaya Becomes the Third State in Northeast India to Legalise Online Gambling and Gaming

SHILLONG: 20th April 2022 (PTI Source)

In a bid to become a major gaming destination, the Meghalaya government is laying the groundwork for legal internet gambling, gaming, and betting.

The Gaming Ordinance Regulation in Meghalaya, which was passed in February 2021, began the procedure. The Meghalaya Prevention of Gaming Act of 1970 was effectively revoked, allowing gambling to be practised in the state.

It's worth noting that Meghalaya is the third northeastern state, after Nagaland and Sikkim, to legalise online gambling and gaming.

The Minister of Law & Taxation, James PK Sangma, has invited members of the UKIBC and other firms (UK based) to a meeting to discuss the potential for online sports betting and gaming in India and the status alike. This is in line with the launch of Gaming for Growth: An Industry Report on Sports & Potential of the Gaming Market in India.

According to the Gaming Industry Index by UKIBC, Meghalaya is India's most gaming-friendly state. The index assesses each state's degree of gaming and betting legalisation based on the seven major games — horse racing, lottery, betting on sports, rummy, poker, casino, and fantasy sports – by looking at their position on these.

“We commend the Meghalaya government for taking a proactive approach to gaming licenses in the state, which will help the state generate more money, income opportunities and employment.”

"A regulated market also boasts security and safeguards that are unavailable in an unregulated marketplace," says Kevin McCole, Managing Director at UKIBC.