Meghalaya: Absence of Math Teacher Puts Students' Academic Progress at Risk

SHILLONG: 17 September 2023 (PTI Source)

The noticeable lack of a mathematics instructor at Sibsing Memorial Government Higher Secondary School has stirred deep apprehension among its student body, particularly those in Class IX and Class X, who are diligently preparing for their imminent board examinations. This unsettling circumstance has disrupted the continuity of their lessons and scholastic pursuits, leaving the students disconcerted, especially if a suitable replacement isn't found promptly.

One student from Class X expressed their concerns, stating, "We are grappling with uncertainty about our prospects in mathematics and our overall academic advancement. This situation has the potential to give rise to anxiety and stress, ultimately impacting our academic performance."

The consequences of the math teacher's absence, especially during the period when students are gearing up for the SSLC selection test, have been notably burdensome. To fill the void left by the teacher, students might be compelled to shoulder additional academic responsibilities.

It has come to light that the absence of the mathematics teacher has not only impacted Class X students but also had a cascading effect on those in Classes VIII and IX. The teacher was responsible for instructing physics and chemistry to Class IX, mathematics to Class X, and mathematics to Class VIII.

D. Hujon, the school's principal, revealed that the mathematics teacher position has remained vacant since June 2022, and an interim appointment was made. However, following the resignation of the temporary teacher in July 2023, the position has been left vacant once again. Despite forwarding recommendations to higher authorities to expedite the hiring process, there has been no response from the department.

Sibsing Memorial Government Higher Secondary School holds a distinct place as a premier institution dedicated to nurturing rural youth and underprivileged students in Nongstoin. Over the years, it has garnered a reputation as one of the state's foremost educational establishments, producing numerous high-achieving students.

Given the current circumstances, it is imperative for the education department to address these pressing issues and extend support to the students during this challenging transitional phase, safeguarding their educational journey.