Kuki-Meitei Clash In Shillong Leads To Police Peace Meet

SHILLONG: 5 May 2023 (PTI Source)

The Meghalaya police organised a peace meeting after a small fight between the Kuki and Meitei communities in Shillong.

The Director General of Police (DGP) LR Bishnoi led the police officers and held an interaction with the leaders and student leaders of both communities to ensure that peace was maintained. Both communities' leaders assured full cooperation with the police officers. The Meghalaya police identified six areas in Shillong where both communities reside, and they will continue patrolling.

The peace meeting was organised at the Naga Durbar Hall in Nongrim Hills. The district police and students from both communities attended the meeting.

After the scuffle, both communities were invited to the Laitumkhrah police station, and they agreed to ensure law & order and make peace with each other, to which the community leaders also assured the police. The 16 persons were released after the execution of bonds from both sides under Sections 107 & 109 CrPC, ensuring peace.