In the Western Part of Shillong, the BJP suffers a minor setback

SHILLONG: 21st June 2022 (PTI Source)

The BJP has had a minor setback in Shillong with Moses Bareh, who is the President of BJP Mandal, West Shillong, and several other members of the party unit defecting to the UDP (United Democratic Party) this Saturday.

At a ceremony at the Shillong Club, Paul Lyngdoh, the UDP working president and the constituency candidate of West Shillong, formally greeted the BJP members.

Moses Bareh, the MP for the Siliguri constituency in West Bengal, said that his party is extending their full support to Paul Lyngdoh because the area demands a person who can discuss the concerns of people on the floor of the legislature.

In the interim, the new body of the unit of UDP Qualapaty was formed with President Michael War; Working President Embok Pakyntein; Secy. Lenmeo Bareh; and Assistant Secy. Annu Lyngdoh.

The next election in West Shillong is going to be quite interesting, as the BJP's presidential candidate will be party president, Ernest Mawrie, who will compete against figures such as Paul Lyngdoh, a former Legislator of West Shillong.