IIM Shillong Launches Its 10th Batch Of PG Program For Executives Yesterday

SHILLONG: 12th April 2022 (PTI Source)

“We have to establish a standard by the 10th class for the years ahead. ‘Our goal is to develop individuals with ethical and human values,' said Prof DP Goyal, Director IIM Shillong.

The one-year post-graduate program for executives with a focus on Emerging Economies was launched by IIM Shillong. The 10th batch of the PG program's commencement ceremony took place in Umsawli on April 11th. The Director of IIM Shillong, Professor DP Goyal put emphasis on the importance of establishing a standard for the Tenth Batch for the coming years, in his welcome speech.

“We develop managers with human and ethical values and principles, with sustainability as our priority”, according to Professor Goyal. “The market's unpredictability during the Covid-19 epidemic was how the pandemic had taught everyone the same," he continued. “He implored the participants to be prepared for any such scenario in order to survive".

Ravi Prasad Singh, Executive Director of Nucleus Software, praised the curriculum's evolutionary and adaptable nature, stating that “you better enjoy what you do if you can't do what you want.”

The tenth batch's curriculum was more global in emphasis. "The program's international module ensures that each student acquires insights into the economic, social, and cultural aspects of developing nations," it emphasizes. During the visit, each participant gains first-hand knowledge of the country and understands the current situation and society's development.

According to the IIM Shillong's notification, "the program's hallmark is a workshop series and innovation camp that enables out-of-the-box thinking and turn your ideas, insights and creativity into something practical."

The one-year PG program will provide students with a global curriculum that incorporates new discoveries, international in-company training/live projects, an emphasis on in-demand skills, the ability to think critically, the spirit of entrepreneurship, and peer learning and networking opportunities.

"The goal of this initiative is to enable participants to develop global capabilities," states the website. "Students will leave school with an education that prepares them for a world economy while moving through a global curriculum and exhibiting abilities for critical thinking and inculcating an entrepreneurial spirit in young minds, transitioning into adulthood."

The Project Chairperson, Prof. S N Bhattacharya, outlined the program's purpose: "the emphasis will be on developing skills suited to match up-and-coming economies while also focusing on a worldwide curriculum with emerging insight, international in-company training, and live project, understanding, and building in-demand skills."

On successful completion of the program, the students will be eligible to obtain an Executive MBA degree from IIMS. Please visit iimshillong.ac.in for more information on the course curriculum.