The fourth year of the Meghalayan Age was commemorated by the MLCU

SHILLONG: 16th June 2022 (PTI Source)

On Tuesday, MLCU, in association with the Tourism & Travel Management Department, the Environment & Traditional Ecosystems Department, and Martin Luther Christian University, in collaboration with IQAC, organised a seminar to celebrate and honour the fourth year of the Meghalayan Age.

The purpose of this event was to identify and appreciate Meghalaya's unique geodiversity and biodiversity, as well as to identify a cohesive approach to sustainable tourism and ecotourism and in biodiversity, geodiversity, and culture.

Retired IFS, and State Environment Impact Assessment Authority's Chairman, TT C Marak, as a chief guest on the occasion, mentioned endemic vegetation in the North-Eastern region and shared information about traditional technologies for generating high calorific energy bricks.

Martin Luther Christian University's Chancellor, Dr Glenn Kharkongor, gave a presentation on the geology and geodynamics of the region to provide a clear picture for solving the problem of Shillong Plateau evolution.

The seminar was attended by illustrious individuals including Dr Brian Daly Kharpran, the founder-secretary of the Meghalaya Adventurers Association, as well as GSI's Senior Geologist, Bashisha Iangrai, and Artist Careen J. Langstieh.