Footballers and Clubs in Meghalaya can now Transfer between Districts

SHILLONG: 17 April 2023 (PTI Source)

The MFA (Meghalaya Football Association) has taken a significant step towards improving the competitiveness of football in the region by introducing an Inter-District transfer policy for footballers and clubs. The new policy allows footballers and clubs to transfer between different districts in Meghalaya for the upcoming 2023 football season.

To apply for the transfer, the Meghalaya Football Association has made available forms, which can be obtained from their office between 10th to 30th April this year. Interested players and clubs can collect the forms from the office during specific hours from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm daily, except Sundays.

This move is expected to provide greater flexibility for footballers and clubs in the region to build stronger teams, ultimately improving the competitiveness of football in Meghalaya. The introduction of this new policy is likely to encourage footballers to explore different opportunities and experiences, thus further enhancing their skills and improving the overall quality of football in the region.