Election Frenzy Grips Meghalaya as Parties Ramp Up Campaigns for Shillong and Tura Seats

SHILLONG: 17 April 2024 (PTI Source)

Campaigning has intensified in Meghalaya ahead of the first phase of general elections scheduled for April 19, 2024, which is this Friday. Various political parties are actively engaging in rallies and meetings across the state to rally support for their candidates contesting for the two Lok Sabha seats—Shillong and Tura.

The Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad K Sangma, along with BJP members and supporters, is vigorously campaigning for the candidates of their respective parties. Chief Minister Sangma, who also heads the National People’s Party (NPP), is leading the charge to bolster support for his sister, Agatha, who is contesting for the Tura Lok Sabha seat, and Ampareen Lyngdoh, the candidate for the Shillong Lok Sabha seat. Meanwhile, Vincent H Pala of the Congress, the incumbent MP for Shillong, is fervently campaigning to secure his fourth consecutive term in office.

Following a coordination meeting between the NPP and BJP, the latter's activists, known as 'karyakartas,' are working tirelessly across every district of the Shillong constituency to ensure the victory of their NDA ally, the NPP. A statement from the BJP indicates that over 10,000 'karyakartas' are dedicated to ensuring Meghalaya's representation in the NDA government led by Prime Minister Modi.

As the campaign deadline approaches, the enthusiasm for organising rallies and meetings has reached a crescendo. BJP legislator Sanbor Shullai recently conducted a series of meetings in various locations, urging party supporters to vote for the NPP symbol. Additionally, the BJP's ST Morcha campaigned for the NDA candidate in the Shillong constituency, Mavel Ampareen Lyngdoh, in several villages. Similar efforts were made in various districts, including Eastern West Khasi Hills, Ri-Bhoi, and East Jaintia Hills.

In addition, the BJYM, State BJP Mahila Morcha, and the BJP's OBC Morcha conducted electoral meetings at Nongpoh, the district headquarters of Ri-Bhoi.

Recent articles have also highlighted the upcoming elections in Meghalaya, providing details such as the voting dates, candidates list, and main parties contesting in the Shillong and Tura constituencies. Additionally, the BJP has released a campaign song on social media, reflecting national sentiments and promoting unity among people from diverse backgrounds.