DoT releases tender for the construction of an Integrated Hospitality & Convention Centre in Shillong

SHILLONG: 13th May 2022 (PTI Source)

The Department of Tourism requests bids for the construction of an Integrated Hospitality and Convention Centre in Tura.

Tender Details

Reference No. 2022_MANDB_521_1

Tendering Authority: Department of Tourism

Brief: Corrigendum: The construction of integrated hospitality and convention centre in Tura.

Pre-Qualification: Please refer to the Tender documents.

Estimated Cost: INR 51.11 CR.

EMD: INR 1.53 CR.

About DoT

The main tourist management body in Meghalaya is the Tourism Department Govt. of Meghalaya, which is a government organization. It is responsible for ensuring that departmental procedures are followed uniformly across the Directorate of Tourism and the Meghalaya Tourism Dev. Corp., as well as for overseeing and co-ordinating their operations to guarantee the consistent implementation of government rules. The Department of Tourism is generally restricted to broad guidelines, legislation, and assembly cross-departmental concerns. The Head of the Department usually leaves the implementation and execution of programs to the day-to-day running and implementation of measures to individual staff.

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