Director Mike Pandey Takes Us Through Meghalaya's Misty Mountains & Caves

SHILLONG: 11th April 2022

In this episode of Doordarshan travelogue "Explorer of the Misty Mountains," famed director Mike Pandey leads us on a trek through Meghalaya's misty mountains.

From the starting point of our journey in the dense forests, we travel through some of Meghalaya's most breathtaking landscapes; from the verdant hills and valleys to the soaring peaks of the Khasi and Jaintia ranges. Our trail takes us past numerous natural landmarks including waterfalls, gorges, and caves, giving us a true sense of Meghalaya's natural beauty. Along the way, we meet some of the state's friendly residents who share their stories and insights about life in this unique part of India. Join us on this fascinating exploration of one of India's most scenic regions.

Watch the Episode here: