Almost 259 Pigs in Ri-Bhoi, Meghalaya, died due to the African Swine Flu

SHILLONG: 14th May 2022 (PTI Source)

This year, 259 pigs were struck by the African Swine Flu and have died in the Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya. This report comes from a senior official of the Department of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry, on Monday.

“Close to 259 pigs have perished in Ri-Bhoi's four villages that lie adjacent to each other. They all had ASF," stated GHP Raju of the Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Dept.

On Sunday, he revealed that 45 pigs had died as a result of ASF.

According to the district's livestock count report, there are over 53,000 pigs in the Ri-Bhoi district and about 3.85 million pigs in total across Meghalaya.

The outbreak was first discovered in the Veterinary department on the 13th of April, when orders were given under the Prevention and Control of Infectious and Contagious Diseases in Animals Act, 2009, prohibiting pig slaughter and movement within 10 kilometres of Umshorshor village.

According to the notice, within a kilometre radius of infected premises (disease epicentre) are designated as the 'Infected Area', whereas all villages within a ten-kilometre radius of infected premises (disease epicentre) are termed as under the 'Surveillance Area'.

Pigs are not permitted to migrate into the diseased areas or across fences during surveillance, and handlers have been prohibited from visiting other pig sheds and pig-rearing farms.