ADCs have been asked to close operations of all toll gates along the Meghalaya Highway

SHILLONG: 26th June 2022 (PTI Source)

The government of Meghalaya has given a directive to the ADCs to close all operations of the toll gates stationed along the state and national highways.

This directive came from the Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma for the KHADC and JHADC of the state.

The CM of Meghalaya had a purposeful discussion regarding the shutting down of the toll gates with the important representatives of the JHADC and KHADC in the capital, Shillong.

The Depy CM of Meghalaya, Prestone Tynsong, and Minister of DCA, Lahkmen Rymbui, were two of the several other important delegates who were at this meeting.

With reference to this matter, Rymbui made a mention that the government of Meghalaya has already informed that none of the district councils is entitled to operate and run the national highway toll gates.

“The ADCs have not been given the authority or power by the state law to collect tolls along the state and national highways,” said Rymbui.

He further added that the JHADC and KHADC must concur to the directive given by the state government and shut down operations of all toll gates with immediate effect, to which they have all agreed and concurred.