6 Arrested In Meghalaya For Fomenting Trouble Amid Manipur Violence

SHILLONG: 5 May 2023 (PTI Source)

Communal tensions between the Kuki and Meitei communities in Manipur have now spilt over to Meghalaya, with close to 16 (sixteen) people being apprehended by the police on Thursday.

As per reports, the state police were informed of a clash near Nongrim Hills, close to the Mizo Morden School and immediately rushed to take stock of the situation. In order to prevent the situation from escalating any further, the police took stringent action and apprehended 16 individuals from both communities who were fomenting trouble.

Meghalaya CM held an emergency meeting with senior officials of the state government to closely monitor the situation and ensure the safety of almost 200 students from Meghalaya who are currently studying in Manipur. The state government is making all necessary arrangements to evacuate the students safely from the troubled region.

The police have assured the public that they will take all necessary measures to maintain peace and order in the region and will not hesitate to take stringent action against anyone attempting to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere.