Warriors' Day Festival

If you want a relaxing atmosphere, then head to Shillong which is home to the Warriors' Day Festival. This festival celebrates the rich warrior tradition of Meghalaya. It's celebrated in either March or April, and offers an opportunity to travel back in time through traditional Meghalaya songs and dance performances by local boys dressed as warriors.

Attend a fashion show featuring traditional wear and handicrafts, or try your hand at Meghalayan cuisine. You can also visit the many stalls selling wares from across the state as well as those from nearby parts of India. Popular activities include singing and dancing by local bands, as well as a chance to enjoy one of the many American football games that are held throughout the festival.

Be ready to camp out on the lawn of your hotel at night, and enjoy some relaxing time with friends before you take off for your next destination in this beautiful state. If you're up for an adventure, then set out on a long trek through jungle trails or go rock climbing or abseiling.