Wangala Festival

The Garo people's harvest festival, Wangala, is held in early October. Wangala is observed in a variety of locations throughout the year. The 100 Drums Festival - a more recent amalgamation of several festivals on one single stage held on the first week of November for those who want to participate in the biggest Wangala.

Wangala is a call to the Garos' rich indigenous culture, which included many of the symbols and rituals that still survive today. The Sun-God is the deity of Wangala, and the Nagra drum plays the major soundtrack. At the conclusion of the event (which continues for days), the greatest number of dancers come together in the main celebration area with many drums and execute ceremonial and traditional dances.

Wangala is a time of celebration when the harvest is complete and people may rejoice. Visitors can enjoy local cuisine and popular alcoholic beverages like Garo rice wine - bitchi during the festivities, in addition to witnessing spectacular dances and costumes. During the Wangala celebration, both men and women wear their finest traditional clothing, which is characterized by bright colours and designs.

The ganna dakmanda (wrap), chinani (shawl), ganna kore kinga (traditional top), and kotip are some of the stunning apparel worn by ladies. The men wear the gantap (wrap), genji gisim (shirt), or, in some cases, a pandra (a criss-crossed cloth worn over the body). The distinct headgear is kadesil. Men and women adorn themselves with coral, shells, beads, and silver jewellery.